02496/Topical Studies (TOP STD)

These courses available only to students enrolled in the Extern Program.

Lower Division Courses

1185. Field Study/Co-op Seminar for CLA and CST (2 to 3 s.h.) S.

(Formerly: TOP STD 0084.)

For field study/co-op students and other interested undergraduates in the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Science and Technology as a possible adjunct to experience. Applicable support skills in research, writing and editing, public relations, writing resumés, interviewing, understanding the work world, etc.

Note: Crosses departmental boundaries. May be required by individual department. The course work is given during the intersession and the field study takes place in the spring.

1285. Field Study - Extern (2 to 3 s.h.)

(Formerly: TOP STD 0085.)

Students who take Topical Studies 1185 (0084) may not take Topical Studies 1285 (0085). Course only available to those with an extern placement.

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