01509/Marketing (MKTG)

Marketing 2101 (0081) or 2901 (0091) is a prerequisite for all other marketing courses. Marketing majors are required to earn a grade of C- or higher in all of their Marketing major courses, as well as a 2.0 major and overall GPA in order to graduate.

Foundational Courses

2101. Introduction to Marketing (3 s.h.) F S SS.

(Formerly: MKTG 0081.)

Prerequisite: Economics 1101 (C051); Economics 1102 (C052) is highly recommended but not required.

Introduction to the role of marketing in the U.S. economy and within the firm. The interaction of marketing with other business functions and with society. Study of marketing mix development issues, including product, price, promotion, distribution, and the other decisions involved in this process

2901. Honors Introduction to Marketing (3 s.h.) F S.

(Formerly: MKTG 0091.)

Introduction to the discipline of marketing. The nature of marketing activities in contemporary society and the firm. Study of marketing mix variables and decision processes involved in corporations and public agencies. Concepts from economics, behavioral sciences, and modern systems theory are incorporated.

Note: Open only to business designated honors students or with special permission. May be used to meet the marketing requirement of the Fox School of Business and Management.

Upper Division Courses

3501. Advertising (3 s.h.) F S SS.

(Formerly: MKTG 0182.)

Prerequisite: Marketing 2101 (0081) or 2901 (0091).

Setting advertising objectives and budgets, clients-agency-media relations, demand stimulation, media selection and evaluation, and the social responsibilities and regulation of advertising at the level of the firm and of the industry.

3502. Information Management for Electronic Commerce (3 s.h.) S.

(Formerly: MKTG 0212.)

Prerequisite: Marketing 2101 (0081) or 2901 (0091).

The collection, analysis, and utilization of electronic data for the development of E-Commerce marketing strategies. The course also includes the study of data warehousing technologies, marketing information systems, data mining, and customer relationship management.

3503. Promotion Management (3 s.h.) S SS.

(Formerly: MKTG 0220.)

Prerequisite: Marketing 2101 (0081) or 2901 (0091), and 3596 (W160).

Strategic management of the entire promotion blend. Relationship of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and publicity to meet the information needs of the pre-selected market segments. The interaction of promotion with the rest of the marketing mix and the transaction process will also be covered.

3504. Sales and Sales Management (3 s.h.) F.

(Formerly: MKTG 0221.)

Prerequisite: Marketing 2101 (0081) or 2901 (0091).

A brief introduction to the behavioral aspects of personal selling and a discussion of sales management. The course includes recruiting, selection, training, motivation, compensation, control, and the strategy of matching the sales effort to the sales task.

3506. E-Retailing and Supply Chain Management (3 s.h.) F.

(Formerly: MKTG 0232.)

Prerequisite: Marketing 2101 (0081) or 2901 (0091).

Critical analysis of e-retailing strategies and how firms are using the Internet to expand their markets, service customers, and increase their sales. The course also looks at the critical supply chain issues involved in e-commerce including inventory management, transportation, procurement and warehousing involved in e-retailing management.

3507. Direct Marketing and E-Commerce Channels (3 s.h.)

(Formerly: MKTG 0241.)

Prerequisite: Marketing 2101 (0081) or 2901 (0091).

This course provides an introduction to the principles of direct marketing from the perspective of marketers attempting to sell to both consumer and organizational markets. Direct marketing efforts will be approached from the perspective of integrating these efforts with the Internet as either a stand-alone marketing channel or as part of a multimedia strategy.

3508. Strategic Application of Technology in Marketing (3 s.h.) F S.

(Formerly: MKTG 0245.)

Prerequisite: Marketing 2101 (0081) or 2901 (0091).

The basis of all commerce has continued to evolve to incorporate new and better technologies, which are developed for and diffused throughout business practices. Technology embedded e-commerce is now an integral part of all business and marketplace behaviors. Far beyond storefronts and the catalogue model of sales and distribution, technology introduces efficiencies into the value chain that become critical to corporate strategy. This course will review current and emerging technologies and their applications to the strategic creation, maintenance, and communication of value within the corporate value chain and the marketplace context. It includes the peer-to-peer markets, the symbolic use of brands and the manner in which marketplace intelligence is collected and analyzed.

3509. Business-to-Business Marketing with E-Commerce (3 s.h.)

(Formerly: MKTG 0261.)

Prerequisite: Marketing 2101 (0081) or 2901 (0091).

An introduction to the business-to-business marketing of industrial and organizational goods and services with E-Commerce. The course examines how the Internet can be used in the process of industrial buying, sales forecasting, industrial marketing strategy, innovation, marketing mix management, and controlling marketing performance.

3511. Marketing Research (3 s.h.) F S SS.

(Formerly: MKTG 0210.)

Prerequisite: Marketing 2101 (0081) or 2901 (0091), Statistics 2101 (C021) and 2102 (0022).

Methods for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data relevant to the marketing decision-making process. The course will focus on structuring marketing problems in terms of specific research questions, understanding primary and secondary sources of marketing research data (including issues in data collection), using specific techniques for analyzing marketing research data, and using these analyses to make better marketing management decisions.

3553. International Marketing (3 s.h.) F S SS.

(Formerly: MKTG 0250.)

Prerequisite: Marketing 2101 (0081) or 2901 (0091).

Cross Listed with IBA 3553 (0275).

Problems of marketing and analysis of the internal marketing system of countries with various types of political-economic structures. The strategic impact of economic, cultural, political, and legal differences on marketing is emphasized. International product, price, promotion, and distribution issues are also considered.

3581. Marketing Internship/Co-Operative Experience (3 s.h.) F S SS.

(Formerly: MKTG 0288.)

Prerequisite: Marketing 2101 (0081) or 2901 (0091), and 3596 (W160) and 3511 (0210).

The course is designed for students who have a Marketing Internship or Co-op Experience.

Note: Arrangements are made through the Marketing Department. This course is for eMarketing and Marketing majors only.

3582. Independent Study (1 to 6 s.h.)

(Formerly: MKTG 0395.)

Prerequisite: Consultation with faculty member and approval of department chairperson.

Readings and/or papers under supervision of a faculty member.

3596. Consumer and Buyer Behavior (3 s.h.) F S SS. Core: WI.

(Formerly: MKTG W160.)

Prerequisite: Marketing 2101 (0081) or 2901 (0091).

A survey and integration of concepts, theories, and frameworks that help explain the behavior of consumers. Topics include perception, product knowledge and involvement, decision making, learning, conditioning, and social influences such as culture, micro-culture, and social class. The course emphasizes the use of these concepts in developing marketing strategies.

3682. Independent Study (1 to 6 s.h.) F S SS.

(Formerly: MKTG 0396.)

Prerequisite: Consultation with faculty member and approval of department chairperson.

Readings and/or papers under supervision of a faculty member.

4596. Marketing Strategy Planning (3 s.h.) F S SS. Core: WI.

(Formerly: MKTG W360.)

Prerequisite: Marketing 2101 (0081) or 2901 (0091), and 3596 (W160) and 3511 (0210), and at least one other 3500 level marketing course.

The application of quantitative and behavioral techniques to the strategic planning and evaluation of marketing systems. Emphasizes integration of the knowledge acquired during prior marketing course work. This is accomplished through a competitive computer simulation, individual applications of concepts and theories to actual firms, cases, and the development and presentation of a marketing plan set within a strategic marketing context.

Note: Capstone course for Marketing majors. It is strongly recommended for students in their senior year.

4999. Senior Honors Thesis (3 s.h.) F S.

(Formerly: MKTG 0397.)

Prerequisite: Approval of instructor and Fox School Honors Director.

Independent research conducted under the supervision of a thesis advisor from the Marketing Department resulting in a substantial piece of original research, roughly 30 to 50 pages in length. Student must publicly present his/her findings at a Temple University Research Forum session or the equivalent.

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