Intensive English Language Program

All courses are for non-native speakers of English (ESL students). Each student will be tested and placed in the appropriate proficiency level (elementary through advanced); the descriptions below are the expected outcomes of the highest level of each skill area.

Lower Division Courses

0001. Writing (3 s.h. equivalency)

(Formerly: IELP 0001.)

Students will write academic summaries and produce expository essays, evaluate and synthesize sources, argue persuasively, paraphrase accurately and revise/edit their own work.

Note: Classes meet 6 hours/week.

0002. Reading (3 s.h. equivalency)

(Formerly: IELP 0002.)

Students will recognize features of academic texts, interpret idioms and cultural references, read in-depth and critically, identify bias and assumption, make inferences, summarize, synthesize and critique.

Note: Classes meet 6 hours/week.

0003. Listening and Speaking (2 s.h. equivalency)

(Formerly: IELP 0003.)

Students will understand and produce abstract and technical vocabulary, idioms and various registers, will comprehend most speech (even under poor conditions and/or when initially unfamiliar), and will learn to make appropriate references, accurately paraphrase authentic academic speech and produce an accuracy nearing a native speaker. S/he will use appropriate vocabulary, accurate syntax/grammar and will learn to speak on academic topics.

Note: Classes meet 4 hours/week.

0004. Elective (2 s.h. equivalency)

(Formerly: IELP 0004.)

Students will choose from a selection of courses to enhance their knowledge and production of academic English. Examples of electives (which vary from session to session) are vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling, current events, documentary study, and the movies of Steven Spielberg.

Note: Classes meet 4 hours/week.

0005. Academic Bridge Class (3 s.h. equivalency)

(Formerly: IELP 0005.)

Students at a very high level of English proficiency will conduct academic research, write papers and give oral presentations. They will also observe undergraduate classes to enhance their listening comprehension and build academic vocabulary.

Note: Classes meet 8 hours/week.
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