06001/Honors Certificate Program (HONORS)

The Temple University Honors Program offers Honors students the opportunity to engage in intellectually stimulating and challenging course work throughout their undergraduate career. The Honors Certificate Program requires a minimum of eight courses (minimum of 24 hours) of Honors course work and leads to an Honors Certificate. Students can take as many of the General Education (or core) courses in Honors as they wish, but two of the eight courses must be from outside these requirements. A listing of Honors courses and their non-Honors equivalencies can be found at the end of the “Course Descriptions” booklet. Undergraduate Honors courses contain a 9 as the second character of the course number and have "HONORS" as part of the title. (The former Honors course number, used prior to the Summer 2007 semester, began with an “H”.) The Honors Program produces its own course guide each semester. Students can obtain a copy of the Honors course guide and consult with an Honors advisor in Tuttleman Learning Center, Room 204. Questions related to Honors courses fulfilling Honors Certificate Program requirements should be addressed to an Honors advisor (215-204-0710).
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