06101/Freshman Seminar (FRH SEM)


Lower Division Courses

1001. Learning for the New Century (1 s.h.) F.

(Formerly: FRH SEM 0051.)

This course introduces first-year students to the opportunities and rigors of higher education, as well as to the skills needed to use academic resources successfully in college. The topics covered in the seminar help first year students articulate and reach their academic goals. There are no pre-requisites or co-requisites for this course.

Note: This course meets for 11 weeks. In addition, several sections of this course are linked to learning communities. Mode: Seminar.

1002. FYS: Experiential Learning (1 s.h.) S.

(Formerly: FRH SEM 0055.)

Special Topics course for exploring career paths and selection of majors. Courses engage students in hands on experiences in professional settings with practitioners in the field.

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