02609/Art Education (ART ED)


Upper Division Courses

2001. Science and Art of Teaching (4 s.h.) S.

(Formerly: ART ED 0110.)

Prerequisite: English 1002 (C050)/1022 (R050)/1012 (C051), Psychology 1061 (C060) or equivalent, and minimum 2.8 GPA.

Various theories as a framework for considering the science and art of teaching with emphasis on classroom-based research. Accompanied by a practicum in which students observe teacher behavior in schools and tutor students.

Note: Students must obtain a B- or better for admission into the certification program. 20 hours field observation required.Child Abuse and Criminal History Clearances must b obtained prior to the first day of class. Meeting with the Art Education advisor is mandatory.

3002. Art in Elementary and Secondary Education (4 s.h.) F S.

(Formerly: ART ED 0085.)

Prerequisite: Art Education 2001 (0110), Praxis I tests and minimum 2.8 GPA.

An examination of methods, materials, and current research as it relates to teaching art at elementary and secondary levels.

Note: One day per week internship is required of each student. Application materials must be submitted during pre-registration the semester prior to taking the course. Meeting with the Art Education advisor is recommended.

3003. Arts & Learning in the Elementary School (3 s.h.) F S SS.

(Formerly: ART ED 0305.)

This course forms a foundation for using the arts as active processes for learning, for those who will be teaching at the K-8 level. Through a series of hands-on workshops in media including theater, dance, music and visual arts. The course offers experiential and theoretical tools for understanding processes of creativity in the arts and education. Parallel with the in-class arts workshops, students will gain skills in designing curricula which integrate arts and academic content areas.

3011. Interdisciplinary Seminar in Community Arts (3 s.h.) F.

(Formerly: ART ED 0251.)

Community Arts brings artists together with people of a community of location, spirit, or tradition, to create art that is based in the life of that community. This course introduces students to the field of Community Arts: its history and theory, and the issues of race, class, and aesthetics encountered in Community Arts projects in Philadelphia through field trips and guest speakers, and will orient to and re-discover their own communities of origin in relation to Community Arts. The course will prepare students to become involved in the field internships in Community Arts that are being offered through Tyler/Temple`s Community Arts Program. This course is a prerequisite for Art Ed. 4012 (0351), Field Internship in Community Arts.

4012. Community Arts (3 s.h.) S.

(Formerly: ART ED 0351.)

Prerequisite: Art Education 3011 (0251), Interdisciplinary Seminar in Community Arts.

In this course students will work with an artist in a particular Philadelphia community to develop and implement a community-based arts project in media including visual arts and performance. Students will gain skills in community arts processes including project design, local research, teaching, and design/performance/installation of arts projects. The course is grounded in community arts theory, growing out of the fields of public art and performance studies.

4088. Student Teaching (8 to 12 s.h.) F S.

(Formerly: ART ED 0187.)

Prerequisite: All required Education and Art Education courses and minimum 3.0 GPA.

Students assume responsibility for direction of classes and lesson planning in both elementary and secondary schools. The practical experience is enriched through seminar discussions focusing on the enterprise of teaching.

Note: Application Materials must be submitted during pre-registration the semester prior to taking the course. Meeting with the Art Education advisor is recommended.
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