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Academic Programs / Education

Elementary Education

Please contact the department for further information.

Elementary Education (with Early Childhood Education and/or Special Education)

The Elementary Education program is designed to prepare teachers to work in programs servicing children in nursery school, kindergarten, primary, and intermediate grades. It is designed to help students gain an appreciation and understanding of children, develop personally and professionally, and acquire a sound philosophy of education.

By working directly with children several times prior to student teaching, the student can study the reactions of children of various ages to different situations and thereby gain insight into the creation of learning situations and the planning of teaching procedures which meet the needs of children.

Students must choose an additional area for certification in either Early Childhood Education or Special Education or both (a third certificate may be obtained by taking additional course work beyond the 128 credits). Students must be accepted into the certification program prior to taking methods courses (see advisor). Observation, participation, and teaching within the practicum are further extended during student teaching where competency of teaching skills is demonstrated.

Early Childhood Education and Special Education Options

Cathleen Soundy, Early Childhood, Lead Professor

In the new undergraduate program, all students will obtain certification in Elementary Education. Students must then choose an additional area for certification in either Early Childhood Education or Special Education. In addition, a third certificate may be obtained by taking additional course work (beyond the 128 credits required for the double certificate program).

General Studies, Professional Course Sequence and Core Requirements

Several restrictions and additions to the requirements listed above (see Other Requirements for College of Education Students on the College Graduation Requirements page) apply to students in this program: 

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Literature Requirement: Choose one of the following:    
English 1301 American Literature 3 AC
English 1197 Introduction to Literature 3 AR
English 1198 Introduction to Fiction 3 WI
English 2201 Survey of English Literature: Beginnings to 1660 3  
English 2202 Survey of English Literature: 1660-1900 3  
English 2301 Survey of American Literature I 3  
English 2302 Survey of American Literature II 3  
Linguistics Requirement: Choose one of the following:    
English 2821 Introduction to Linguistics 3  
Anthropology 2507 Fundamentals of Linguistic Anthropology 3  
Communication Sciences & Disorders 1108 Introduction to Linguistics 3  
*In addition to taking the required two course sequence in Science, students must take at least one additional course in Science.  

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Social Science Requirement:   
Choose one of the following Economics courses (see additional GUS requirement below):  
Economics 1001 Introduction to the Economy 3 IN
Economics 1101 Macroeconomic Principles 3 IN
Economics 1102 Microeconomic Principles 3 IN
Economics 1004 Economic Principles for Education Majors 3  
Economics 1103 Global Economics 3 IS
and choose one of the following Geography & Urban Studies courses:  
Geography & Urban Studies 1051 Environment and Society 3 IN
Geography & Urban Studies 1025 World Urban Patterns 3 IS


Program Requirements

Elementary Education Foundation Requirements

Elementary Education Foundation Requirements    
Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Art Education 3003 Arts & Learning in the Elementary School 3  
Elementary Education 3287 Practicum: Teaching Elementary Child N-6 2-3  
Elementary Education 3387 Practicum: Teaching Math/Science to Elementary Child N-6 2-3  
English Education, Elementary 3297 Teaching Integrated Language,  Reading & Writing 6 WI 
Math Education, Elementary 3141 Teaching Mathematics: N-6  3  
Science Education, Elementary 3151 Teaching Science: N-6 3  
Social Studies, Elementary 3161 Teaching Social Studies: N-6  3  
Education 4488 Student Teaching in Elem/Spec Ed/Ech Ed  9-11  
Education 4801 Senior Seminar and Performance Assessment 3  
Subtotal     34-42  

Students must choose a minimum of one additional area of certification.

Early Childhood Option

Must take at least one option.      
Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Early Childhood Education 2321 Curriculum Development &  Implementation in Early Childhood Programs 3  
Early Childhood Education 2322 Family/School/ Community Environments for Young Children 3  
Early Childhood Education 3322 Observing, Documenting, & Assessing Young Children’s Learning 3  
Early Childhood Education 4324 Integrated Programming for Young Children 3  
Education 4588 Student Teaching in Elem Ed/Ech Ed 9-11  
Subtotal     21-23  

Special Education Option for Students Admitted for Fall 2003

All requirements for the Elementary Education program must be completed, and 5 s.h. of Student Teaching Elementary/Special Education 4288 must be in a Special Education placement. In addition, the following courses must be completed.

Note: A new sequence of courses for special education certification was implemented for students admitted after July 1, 2003. Students should contact the Office of Student Services for specific details about these requirements.

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Education 2489 Field Experience-Special Education  3  
Special Education 2231 Introduction to Inclusive Education   3  
Special Education 3312 Methods and Curriculum for Students with Disabilities 3  
Special Education 4331 Community Resources and Collaboration in Special Education 3  
Special Education  3332 Assessing and Teaching Students with Mild Disabilities 3  
Special Education  3487 Practicum in Special Education  3  
Education 4288 Student Teaching in Elementary/Special Education 9  
Total     27  


Total Elementary Education Program      
University Core, General Education & Professional Education Core Courses 76  
Elementary Education Courses   34  
Additional Certificate Courses
(Early Childhood 9 s.h. or Special Education 12 s.h.) 
Additional Credits     9  

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