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  Academic Programs / Music & Dance

General College Graduation Requirements - Music

  • All music education students must maintain a 3.0 GPA to obtain permission to student teach and qualify for state teacher certification.
  • All music therapy students must receive a grade of B- or better in all music therapy classes. Grades below B- in any music therapy course may not be applied toward degree requirements in music therapy. Students may retake such courses only once, only with faculty approval. If a grade below B- is earned upon retaking the course, the students will not be permitted to continue as a music therapy major, but may be eligible to change to a different curriculum.
  • All Boyer College music students must attend a minimum number of College recitals each semester to qualify for graduation. Refer to the Recital and Concert Attendance Policy for more detailed information.
  • All Boyer College music students are required to participate in specific ensembles as determined by their department. Refer to the Ensemble Requirement Policy for more detailed information.
  • Students in the following curriculums are required to perform a senior recital prior to graduation: Piano Performance, Piano Pedagogy, Instrumental Performance, Voice Performance, Jazz Instrumental Performance, Jazz Voice Performance, and Jazz Arranging/Composition. Refer to the Senior Recital Policy for more detailed information.
  • All undergraduate music students must be cleared by the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies for graduation by the end of their junior year.

Please refer to the Boyer College Policy Section for a complete list of policies. Detailed requirements for each degree program are listed within the curriculum section of the Bulletin.


1. Certain courses fulfill multiple requirements. In consultation with an advisor, students will be able to plan their curriculum more effectively.

2. The total number of credit hours at graduation may be greater for some students based on initial placement exams, transfer evaluations, individual curricular choices, and academic progress.

3. Students must fulfill the necessary prerequisites for any given course or course sequence. See the Prerequisite and Co-requisite Policy in the University-wide Academic Policies section in this Bulletin.


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