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Intellectual Heritage

Prerequisite: College Composition (English 1002, 1012, 1022, or 1977) or its equivalent.

Requirement: Intellectual Heritage 1196 or 1996 (3 credits) and Intellectual Heritage 1297 or 1997 (3 credits). Students normally should take Intellectual Heritage 1196 or 1996 in the semester immediately following the completion of College Composition, and Intellectual Heritage 1297 or 1997 immediately after completing 1196 or 1996.

Intellectual Heritage, the most distinctive feature of Temple's Core Curriculum, is a required writing-intensive, two-semester course sequence introducing students to "seedbed texts" in the western intellectual tradition, from ancient Greece to the Bible through the twentieth century.

These are case study courses, not surveys. Students read primary texts in depth, building reading and interpretative skills. Lectures and class discussions provide historical and cultural background, but the emphasis is on analysis. The interdisciplinary structure of the courses -- with readings drawn from diverse cultures and time periods and reflecting different methodologies -- encourages students to seek out common elements and to discern the ways in which cultures and texts remain unique and irreconcilable.

Intellectual Heritage constitutes two of the five Writing-Intensive courses required in the Core Curriculum. In addition to essay examinations, students complete several papers or other written assignments.

Course # Course Name Credits
Intellectual Heritage    
1196 Intellectual Heritage I 3
1297 Intellectual Heritage II 3
1996 Honors Intellectual Heritage I 3
1997 Honors Intellectual Heritage II 3

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