01528/Management Information Systems

Lower Division Courses

0070. Principles of Information Systems (3 s.h.) F S.

(Formerly: MIS 0085 / MIS 0100.)

Prerequisite: Knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

Explain the role of information technology as a business enabler and identify and explain management information systems applications including customer relationship management systems, enterprise systems, ecommerce applications, transaction processing systems, business analytics, and emerging technologies. Evaluate the organizational fit and suitability of business applications and interpret the interaction between information technology, customers, processes, data, infrastructure, participants, and environment in an organization. Understand the ethical challenges of information technology and explain the evolving role of management information systems in the organization, and the role and careers of MIS professionals.

Mode: 3 hour lecture.

0081. Object-Oriented Programming I (4 s.h.) F S.

Prerequisite: Grade of C- or better in both MIS 0070 (Formerly MIS 0085 / MIS 0100) & MIS 0120.

Develop applications using a visual development tool and high level programming language. Apply concepts such as abstraction, encapsulation, and inheritance to application development. Use debugging techniques to identify errors and make improvements. Interpret system requirement specifications and explain technical components such as application programming interfaces needed to create software applications. Create simple data driven applications that connect with a relational database.

Mode: 3 hour lecture, 2 hour lab.

0083. Object-Oriented Programming II (4 s.h.) F S.

Prerequisite: Grade of C- or better in both MIS 0081 & MIS 0130.

Use concepts of application integration to develop data driven software applications. Design the system architecture for an n-tier application. Learn how to integrate existing applications to produce new capabilities. Identify the technical and process issues of integrating a new application into the existing application structure. Relate software components such as middleware to the overall information architecture and apply software components to create client and server based applications.

Note: This course also meets an upper level major or business elective requirement Mode: 3 hour lecture, 2 hour lab.

Upper Division Courses

0120. Data Communications and Networking (4 s.h.) F S.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). Co-Requisite: MIS 0070.

Explain and assess information technology such as computer hardware, software, systems, and networking. Identify management and usage issues related to networking, handheld computers, laptops, desktops, operating systems, and servers. Apply concepts of metrics, monitoring, MIS policies, security, quality of service, access control, and business continuity to understand organizational information technology architecture and infrastructure. Learn visual development tools to build simple software applications.

Mode: 3 hour lecture, 2 hour lab.

0130. Database Management Systems (4 s.h.) F S.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint).

Learn how to analyze, model, and design database centric solutions for organizations. Create data models based on business rules. Convert data models to logical and physical design specifications. Learn how to operate and manage a database system and structured query language (SQL). Explain database administration issues and the role and importance of data in organizations.

Mode: 3 hour lecture, 2 hour lab.

0137. Client/Server Development using Object-Oriented Programming (4 s.h.) F S.

(Formerly: MIS 0107.)

Prerequisite: Grade of C- or better in both MIS 0083 & MIS 0130.

This course covers the application of object-oriented concepts to the development of distributed business applications. Students advance their knowledge of object-oriented programming and related concepts while developing multi-tiered applications in a distributed environment. Topics include the use of class libraries and reusable components; development techniques for multi-tiered applications involving database connectivity, remote objects, middleware, front-end and the back-end development for browser based systems; and testing and packaging of business projects.

Mode: 3 hour lecture, 2 hour lab.

W201. Business Process Analysis (3 s.h.) F S. Core: WI.

Prerequisite: Grade of C- or better in MIS 0070 (Formerly MIS 0085 / MIS 0100).

Learn business process analysis including requirements analysis, feasibility, and data and process modeling. Apply information gathering techniques to elicit requirements. Compose business and technical requirements. Work in teams to recommend information systems solutions to improve or transform business processes. Lead make vs. buy decisions. Justify proposed process improvements and proposed information systems solutions. Learn how to implement and negotiate changes to requirements.

Mode: 3 hour lecture.

0210. Electronic Commerce Site Design (3 s.h.) F S.

Prerequisite: Grade of C- or better in both MIS 0070 (Formerly MIS 0085 / MIS 0100) & MIS 0130.

Learn web application development including requirements analysis, usability evaluation, specification, and implementation. Focus on both traditional transaction based systems and new applications for advertising, ordering, payment, and communication. Learn specific skills and tools for the development and management of electronic commerce initiatives. Understand the distinguishing features of front ends, server side code, and third party systems.

Mode: 3 hour lecture, 2 hour lab.

0240. User Interface Design (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: Grade of C- or better in both MIS 0070 (Formerly MIS 0085 / MIS 0100) & MIS 0120.

This course presents basic principles of human-computer interaction and user-centered design as related to interface design for software applications. Topics include managing the design process, usability testing and assessment techniques, and the application of guidelines for window, menu and other dialogue techniques including single user and collaborative applications.

Mode: 3 hr. lect., 2 hr. lab.

0288. Co-operative Experience in Management Information Systems (3 s.h.) F S SS.

Prerequisite: Grade of C- or better in both MIS 0070 (Formerly MIS 0085 / MIS 0100) & MIS 0120.

Students undertake a research project that integrates their current work experience with their classroom experience at Temple University. The results are reported in a 10 to 20-page paper prepared under the supervision of a faculty member.

Note: Arrangements are made through the Management Information Systems Department. This course is open to MIS majors only.

W301. Information Systems Implementation (3 s.h.) F S SS. Core: WI.

Prerequisite: Grade of C- or better in both MIS 0083 & MIS W201.

This is a capstone course that will apply previous course material to a comprehensive project. Apply concepts of business technology integration to integrate processes and applications within and outside the organization. Justify and prioritize project portfolios within a department and across the enterprise. Evaluate and compare proposed projects based on requirements, vendors, technology, and architectural fit with the organization. Work in teams to participate in a real-world project. Learn the role of the MIS professional and prepare to enter job marketplace.

Mode: 3 hour lecture.

0310. Strategic Management of Information Technology (3 s.h.) F S.

Prerequisite: Grade of C- or better in both MIS 0070 (Formerly MIS 0085 / MIS 0100) & MIS 0120.

This course prepares students to be effective exploiters and managers of information technology. The management of information technology is addressed by considering the contemporary issues faced by general managers e.g., globalization, time compression, and technology integration. Strategic approaches for dealing with these issues are explored. An integrative class project is used to pull together operational concepts from lower level information system and business courses as they apply to the management of information technology.

Mode: 3 hour lecture.

0394. Special Topics (3 - 4 s.h.) F S.

Prerequisite: Varies.

Special topics in current developments in the field of information systems.

0395-0396. Independent Study (1 - 6 s.h.) F S.

Prerequisite: At least 15 s.h. in the major, consultation with a full-time faculty member, and approval of department chairperson.

Students will prepare research papers under supervision of a faculty member.

Note: None of the required MIS courses can be taken as an independent study.
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