Lower Division Courses

0051. Beginnersí Hebrew I (4 s.h.) F. Core: LA.

Cross Listed with Jewish Studies 0001.

Introducing the Hebrew alphabet (print and cursive), functional grammar and basic sentence structures. The goal is to gain fluency in reading unvocalized text and to start conversing.

0052. Beginnersí Hebrew II (4 s.h.) S. Core: LA.

Cross Listed with Jewish Studies 0002.

Continuation of Hebrew I. Introducing advanced sentence structures and three additional grammar paradigms. The emphasis on extension of vocabulary to aid in understanding more varied texts and facilitating ease at conversing.

C061/0062. Intermediate I, II (3 s.h.) S. Core: C061: LB.

Cross Listed with Jewish Studies 0003, 0004.

Reading of moderately difficult Hebrew texts with discussion in Hebrew. Introducing more advanced sentence structures, the rest of the grammar paradigms and the future tense. The goal is to conduct most of the class in Hebrew.

Upper Division Courses

W101, 0102. Advanced Hebrew (3 s.h.) F S.

Prerequisite: 0062.

Reading and discussing difficult texts and newspaper articles. Acquisition of idiomatic phrases. Emphasis on writing and conversing fluently.

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