01700/Communications and Theater


Lower Division Courses

0050. SCT Freshman Seminar (1.0 s.h.) F.

The School of Communications and Theater Freshman Seminar introduces first year students in the school to the purposes of higher education and to the skills needed to use academic resources and technology successfully, both in college and beyond. The course covers topics such as time management and study skills, as well as University support services and areas of interest specific to SCT students. The course meets for eleven weeks.

Note: This course is for School of Communications and Theater students only.

Upper Division Courses

0390. Communications Major Internship (1-4 s.h.) F S SS.

Prerequisite: Communications Major foundation courses completed. Junior class standing minimum..

Student will research internship opportunities, set up interviews, secure position, and work a minimum of five hours per week and a maximum of twenty-five hours in a professional environment.Experiences will be shared with classmates and documented with written submission to the faculty advisor. Students should visit the internship manual through the Communications Program homepage for additional information and requirements.

Note: This course is for majors only. Please see internship manual for pre-reqs and information. Mode: Professional work experience along with required papers and online participation.

0391. Communications Special Projects (1-4 s.h.) F S.

Individualized project proposed by the student and approved by a faculty advisor which will contribute to and enhance the student`s general education and add to specific interest of the student in the field of communications.

Note: Permission of faculty advisor required. Mode: Individualized study by the student in consultation with the faculty advisor .

0392. Communications Independent Study (1-4 s.h.) F S.

Student proposed independent study/research in an area of interest to the student which will enhance their general education and a specific area of the field of communications.

Note: Permission of Instructor/Faculty Advisor required. Mode: Independent research by student in consultation with Faculty Advisor.

0396. Communications Major Senior Seminar (3 s.h.) F S SS.

A capstone experience concerning the various components of the field and discipline of communications. This seminar will synthesize the academic preparation posited by the Communications Program, focusing on aspects of theoretical and applied contributions. Particular focus is on both fortifying academic skills and preparation for post graduation goals.

Note: This course is for senior communications majors only. Mode: Seminar.
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