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Student Leadership and Development Opportunities

Greek Affairs

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Student Center
215-204-1663 (Fax)

The University recognizes social fraternities and sororities from three national governing bodies: the National Interfraternity Council (NIC), the National Pan Hellenic Council (NPHC), and the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC). As members of the Temple University Greek Association (TUGA), recognized chapters and colonies participate actively in Greek governance, community service, philanthropy, and social activities throughout the academic year. New members are recruited during the fall and spring semesters.

Student Activities

Main Campus
Second Floor Mezzanine Student Center
215-204-1846 (Fax)

Health Sciences Center
Second Floor, Student Faculty Conference Center
215-707-4481 (Fax)

The Office of Student Activities develops and implements diverse University-wide programs. These programs are designed to challenge, educate, entertain, and provide social and recreational avenues for commuter and residential students alike. The staff offers guidance and advisement to over 180 campus student organizations. Involvement in these organizations can provide opportunities for students to develop leadership and management skills, promote interpersonal and social responsibility, and enhance intellectual growth and self-esteem.

The Office is also responsible for the overall operation of the Main Campus Student Center, the Gameroom, the Cinema, the Owl Cove, the Great Court in Mitten Hall, the movie theater, and the Health Sciences Campus Student Faculty Conference Center. These facilities foster increased social interaction and a sense of community among individuals.

The Main Campus Student Center offers a three-story atrium that leads patrons to the following: Dean of Students Office; Student Activities; Office of Orientation; Office of Judicial Affairs; Temple Student Government; the Village (clubs and organizations area); Temple News (student newspaper); Graphics Media Center, which assists student clubs and organizations in printing, duplication and marketing of their events and activities; the Templar (student yearbook); Food Court, with a 700-seat dining area; a television lounge; study lounge; bookstore; information center; parking services; credit union; travel agency; and post office.

The Health Sciences Campus Student Faculty Conference Center offers a bookstore, dining hall/coffee shop, study lounges, conference rooms, game room, television lounge, dance studio, gymnasium, and fitness center. A Temple identification card is required to enter the facility.

Temple University Ambler campus offers a variety of student activities.  Please visit or contact the Office of Student Life (267-468-8425) in Bright Hall, Room 101, for further information.

The Office of Student Life at Temple University Tyler campus offers extracurricular activities, events and programs geared towards the arts community.  For more information on Tyler campus activities, please visit the Tyler Student Life website at or contact Tyler’s Office of Student Life (215-782-2883) in Tyler Hall, Room 305.


Student Government

Main Campus

The Student Center, Room 214

Temple Student Government (T.S.G.), consisting of an executive and a legislative branch, is the official voice of the student body. It serves as a liaison between the University administration and the students. T.S.G. members work together as a team, focusing on issues pertinent to all Temple students. The student government stands ready to tackle concerns expressed by the students and exists to shape the future of Temple University.

Ambler Campus
Bright Hall, First Floor


Temple University Ambler Student Government Association is an active student government association, which oversees student concerns, policies, interests and activities. Elections are held in the spring for various offices, giving students the opportunity to participate in election campaigns and promotions.

Tyler Campus

Associate Dean's Office, Tyler Hall, Room 200


The Tyler Student Government addresses the needs of the Tyler student body. The Tyler Student Government consists of several student committees that work in conjunction with the Temple University Student Government.  The officers of the student government serve as a liaison between the students at Tyler and the Temple University administration. Elections for officers are held in the spring. For more information about the Tyler Student Government, visit and

Student Media

Students on the Main Campus produce their own editorially-independent newspaper, the Temple News (, during the academic year and distribute it to all campuses. Both the Temple News and the Templar, Temple's annual undergraduate yearbook, are staffed entirely by students and have offices on the Main Campus in the Student Center. The Temple News and Templar focus on events and activities that affect the entire University community on all campuses. WRTI FM (90.1), Temple University's jazz and classical music radio station, is located on the Main campus and broadcasts on eleven different frequencies throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. A limited number of student jobs are available. The Graphics Media Center (GMC), entirely staffed by students, creates and distributes posters, banners, flyers, buttons, and more for the University community. It is located on the first floor of the Student Center.

Students at Temple University Ambler campus produce The Parable, a literary magazine each spring, as well as The Temple Column newspaper.  Students at Temple University Ambler campus also manage and operate their own radio station, WRFT 1610 AM, which broadcasts a variety of music formats.


Clubs and Organizations

Over 180 campus student organizations are registered at Temple University, offering students a wide range of opportunities to explore their co-curricular interests. For more information, contact the Office of Student Activities at 215-204-7131, or visit their website at

For information on student activities, clubs and organizations at Temple University Ambler campus, visit and

For information on student activities, clubs and organizations at the Tyler campus, go to, then click on "Student Organizations."


Temple University Student Leadership Challenge

The mission of the Temple University Student Leadership Challenge is to serve as a vehicle of engagement for all students to develop leadership skills. The program creates opportunities to encourage the development of integrity, character and self-awareness, while providing avenues for students to impact their own lives as well as creating an environment to impact communities on the local, state, national and global level. By utilizing the combined resources of the Temple University community, the Student Leadership Challenge addresses the diverse, multicultural and dynamic needs of Temple University and guides our students to foster collaborative relationships, set positive examples, and lead the way in cultivating new generations of leaders. For more information, contact the Dean of Students Office at 215-204-7188, or visit the website at

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