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Women's Studies

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  Academic Programs / Liberal Arts

Women's Studies

Patricia Melzer, Director and Advising Coordinator
816 Anderson Hall

811 Anderson Hall

Women's Studies offers a cohesive framework of inquiry for the examination of women, gender, and sexuality in the U.S. and around the world, as they relate to other social categories, such as race, class, disability, nationality, and ethnicity.  As an interdisciplinary field, Women's Studies takes into account social, historical, and cultural variables in its study of women's material and cultural experiences as a social group; the examination of the workings of gender, as an analytical category, identity, and social force; and the social, political, and cultural functioning of sexuality.  Women's Studies also seeks to transform traditional fields of study by incorporating new methodologies, data, theories, and frameworks developed by feminist scholars.

Temple University's Women's Studies Program is part of the College of Liberal Arts.  It offers an undergraduate major and minor, as well as a certificate for students outside the College of Liberal Arts.  In preparation for graduate school, Women's Studies majors have the opportunity to graduate with distinction in the major after completing an honors thesis.

The Women's Studies Program offers students the opportunity to study women, gender, and sexuality through an interdisciplinary curriculum taught by faculty from various departments across the university.  Students learn to apply the methods and theories of social scientists, historians, philosophers, literary critics, etc., to the study of women's experiences, as well as gender and sexual identities.  They explore a growing body of feminist theories that revise our understanding of gender, society, and culture.  We encourage students not only to understand intellectually the importance of class, race, sexuality, physical ability, and gender to people's lives, but also to learn actively through fieldwork (community internship).  After graduation, Women's Studies students enter professional schools in law, medicine and business; take graduate degrees in women's studies, the humanities and social sciences; and pursue careers in health, counseling, teaching, and public advocacy.

Major Requirements

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
One to three lower level courses (choose from the following courses).  3-9  
Women’s Studies
Women’s Studies
Women’s Studies
Women’s Studies
Women’s Studies
Women’s Studies
C051 or X051
C076 or X076
C081 or X081
Introduction to Women’s Studies (X051 also WI)
Gender and History
American Women’s Lives (X076 also WI )
International Women’s Writing
Men and Women in American Society (X081 also WI)
The Psychology of Women

Women’s Studies 0100 Essential Issues in Women’s Studies 3  
Six to eight upper level electives (over 100) 18-24  
Majors will also be permitted to take two of these six to eight courses outside Women’s Studies
(courses that are not cross listed) with the written permission of the advising coordinator.
These courses must support the student’s academic or professional growth in conjunction with
the major (e.g. a research methods course in another discipline for which the student will
write on a subject related to gender or courses taken in a study abroad program). Majors must
take two designated upper-level courses designed for students to learn how to write a research paper.
The final requirement for the major is a two-course sequenceThis sequence should be taken
during the major’s last three semesters of enrollment. Students will select a field assignment
with the assistance of the advising coordinator.
Women’s Studies 0299 Field Work in Women’s Studies 3  
Women’s Studies W300 Research Seminar* (Capstone Course) 3 WI
Total     36  

Distinction in Major

Women’s Studies students may graduate with a distinction in the major if they have a GPA of 3.5 or better in the major, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better, and successfully complete an honors thesis (minimum three credits) under the supervision of a faculty member from Women’s Studies.

Minor Requirements

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Women’s Studies Electives Six electives in Women’s Studies. At least three of these six are at the upper level (above 100). See major requirements for examples. 18  
Women’s Studies 0100 Essential Issues in Women’s Studies 3  
Total     21  

Certificate in Women’s Studies

Designed for students outside the College of Liberal Arts who want to pursue a Women’s Studies oriented career.

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Women’s Studies C051 or X051 Introduction to Women's Studies
(XO51 also WI)
3 IN
Women’s Studies 0299 Field Work in Women’s Studies 3  
Women's Studies Two Electives Two electives in Women's Studies.  At least one of these two courses must be at the 0100 level or above. 6  
Total     12  

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