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  Academic Programs / Liberal Arts


William J. Stull, Chair
Ritter Annex 877

Contact: William Holmes, Faculty Advisor
Ritter Annex 804


B.A. Major Requirements
Minor Requirements
Mathematical Economics
Certificate in Political Economy
Management Career Certificate

The major in economics exposes a student to the economist's way of thinking about social problems and behavior. The major helps a student understand the economic aspect of current events and public policy and is good preparation for careers in law and business. The student honorary fraternity is Omicron Delta Epsilon. Along with the more general student organization, The Economics Society, it provides opportunities for students to network with other students and with practicing economists in learning more about economics and finding internships and employment opportunities. There is also a Cooperative Education option. Through this program, students may earn income while gaining valuable work experience which can enhance their job market prospects upon graduation. By completing an academic research project under the guidance of a faculty member, Co-op students may earn credit for Economics 0288.

B.A. Major Requirements

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Economics C051/H091 Macroeconomic Principles/Honors Macroeconomic Principles 3 IN
Economics C052/H092 Microeconomic Principles/Honors Microeconomics Principles 3 IN
Statistics C021 Statistical Methods and Concepts 3 QB
Statistics 0022 Selected Statistical Topics 3  
Economics 0201 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis 3  
Economics 0202 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis 3  
Economics W302 Economics Writing Seminar 3 WI
Economics 0200+ Four electives in economics at the 0200 level or above. Finance 0101 may be substituted for one of these. 12  
Two additional electives 0100+ Courses in economics at the 0200+ level or courses in the College of Liberal Arts at the 100+ level related to the student’s program in economics.* 6  
Total     39  
* These are to be chosen in consultation with an advisor. Students preparing for graduate study in economics
or in an economics-related area are strongly encouraged to take Economics 0240 (Mathematical Economics),
Economics 0241 (Introduction to Econometrics), and courses in calculus and linear algebra in the    
Mathematics Department.      


Minor Requirements

(For Liberal Arts and all other colleges allowing a minor in Economics)

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Economics C051/H091 Macroeconomic Principles/Honors Macroeconomic Principles 3 IN
Economics C052/H092 Microeconomic Principles/Honors Microeconomic Principles 3 IN
Economics 0201

Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis
Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis
Economics 0200+ Three electives in economics at the 0200  level or above. If both 0201 and 0202 are taken, one counts as one of these electives. 9  
Total     18  

Mathematical Economics

In cooperation with the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Economics offers a special concentration leading to a B.A. degree in Mathematical Economics. The program and its requirements are described in full in the Intercollegial Programs section of this Bulletin.

Certificate in Political Economy

The Certificate of Specialization in Political Economy is a joint program of the Departments of Economics and Political Science . The purpose of the political economy program is to provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to study more intensely the relationship between the political and economic spheres of society. The program is based on the belief that a focused examination of this relationship provides better understanding of several social phenomena. Chief among these is a better understanding of public policy choices and the policymaking process, as well as a better understanding of how government actions affect the process of economic change and vice versa. The Political Economy program is open to all matriculated undergraduate students. Applicants need not be declared majors in either economics or political science. The political economy program provides an excellent preparation for graduate study in the social sciences and for the study of law. The program and its requirements are described in full in the Intercollegial Programs section of this Bulletin.

Management Career Certificate

Erwin Blackstone, Advisor

William Holmes, Advisor

This certificate program is designed for students who intend to seek employment in the business or nonprofit sectors of the economy. It is designed to provide students with skills that complement those acquired through a traditional liberal arts education and to make the students more appealing to potential employers.

Requirements for the Management Career Certificate

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Economics C050

Introduction to the Economy
Microeconomic Principles/Honors Micro. Principles
3 IN
Accounting 0001 Principles of Accounting* 3  
Human Resource Management 0083 Organization and Management 3  


Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Introduction to Marketing
Statistics   One course selected in consultation with the certificate advisor. 3  
Approved Elective - Select one: 3-4  
Accounting 0002 Principles of Accounting**    
Economics C051 Macroeconomic Principles   IN
Economics 0282 Economics of American Industry    
Economics 0265 Economics of Sports    
Economics 0286 Economics of Organizations    
Marketing 0081 Introduction to Marketing    
Human Resource Management 0200 Introduction to Human Resource Management    
Computer and Information Sciences C055 Computers and Applications   SB
Geography and Urban Studies 0130 Economic Geography    
Political Science 0158 Business and Public Policy    
Political Science 0261 Politics of the Global Economy    
Psychology 0215 Industrial and Organizational Psychology    
Sociology W248 Sociology of Organizations   WI
Total     18-19  
* Students may not double count either Marketing 0081 or Psychology 0215 within this certificate program.  
** An alternative elective or an internship or practicum may be approved to substitute for the elective.    
Please see the certificate advisor prior to registration for written approval.    
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