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  Academic Programs / Music & Dance

Dance Description

Kariamu Welsh, Chairperson
Philip Grosser, Undergraduate Coordinator
1700 N. Broad St., Suite 309

  • The total number of credit hours may be greater for some students based on initial placement exams, transfer evaluations, individual curricular choices, and academic progress.
  • Certain courses fulfill multiple requirements. In consultation with an academic advisor, students will be able to plan their curriculum more effectively.
  • Students must fulfill the necessary prerequisites for any given course or course sequence. See the Prerequisite and Co-Requisite Policy in University-wide Academic Policies in the Bulletin.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance emphasizes modern dance technique, performance, and choreography.  The program provides a sound preparation for students wishing to pursue further training or embark on a professional career.  Within the curriculum, students may elect courses that prepare them for work and/or further study in the fields of physical therapy, dance/movement therapy, dance production, education, and arts management.  The B.F.A. provides students with the opportunity to master a range of dance techniques, choreography, production, and theory, and to study other arts, sciences, and humanities.

The degree program in dance aims to:

  • Guide students toward a balance of cognitive, analytic, intuitive, and creative skills;
  • Aid students in development of their creative potential through technique, choreography, performance, research, and other creative media;
  • Educate students about the various forms and purposes of dance within their historical, social, and cultural contexts;
  • Provide intensive training in a range of dance techniques and styles as represented by the faculty and selected guest artists; and,
  • Prepare students for professional careers as performing artists, choreographers, teachers, scholars, and informed and responsible leaders in academic and other professional settings.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance is conferred upon a student by recommendation of the faculty and upon the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 125 semester hours of credit and completion of the required Dance and University Core requirements.

Dance Resources: The Dance Department, with its three studios, rehearsal room, Pilates and Dance Medicine Clinic, black-box theater, video library, and assorted classrooms, embraces a broad array of activities. The Philadelphia Dance Collection at Temple University (PDCAT) provides access to the dance legacy of the region through a permanent collection of multi-format archival resources related to the history of Philadelphia dance.

Special Opportunities: The Conwell Dance Theater season provides many opportunities for students to perform and choreograph.  A typical season features two student concerts, two Master of Fine Arts thesis concerts, two Bachelor of Fine Arts senior concerts, a faculty dance concert, and an alumni concert.  Added to this are performances by guest artists, repertory showings, and informal student choreography performances.  Recent guest artists have included Donna Uchizono; Sean Curren; Cornelius Carter; Ruth Andrien, former soloist with the Paul Taylor Dance Company; and Nina Watt, member of the Jose Limon Dance Company.

Requirements for the Dance Major


Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Dance 0010 Movement, Sources and Concepts 3  
Dance 0011 Movement as a Medium (students enrolled prior to fall 2004) 3  
Dance 0380 Rhythmic Analysis 3  
Dance H195 Dance in Human Society-Honors 3 IS
Dance 0335 Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis 3  
Dance 0340 Dance Production 1  
Dance 0350 Lighting Design for Dance 3  
Dance 0320 Creative Process in Dance (students enrolled fall 2004 and after) 3  
Dance W300 Creative Process in Dance (students enrolled prior to fall 2004) 3 WI
Dance W315 Forces and Figures in 20th Century Dance
(students enrolled prior to fall 2004)
3 WI
Dance W315 Dance Modernism (students enrolled fall 2004 and after) 3 WI
Dance W316 Dance Post-modernism (students enrolled fall 2004 and after) 3 WI
Dance W397 Senior Seminar 3 WI*
Subtotal     28  
*Indicates Writing Capstone for major

Dance - Required Techniques**

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Dance 0020 Modern Dance Level I 2  
Dance 0321 Modern Dance Level II A 2  
Dance 0322 Modern Dance Level II 2  
Dance 0323 Modern Dance Level III 2  
Dance 0324 Modern Dance Level III 3  
Dance 0325 Modern Dance Level IV 2  
Dance 0326 Modern Dance Level IV 3  
Dance 0327 Modern Dance Level V 3  
Dance 0030 Classical Ballet Level I 2  
Dance 0332 Classical Ballet Level II 2  
Dance 0333 Classical Ballet Level III 2  
Dance 0334 Classical Ballet Level IV 2  
Dance 0040 Jazz Dance Level I 2  
Dance 0342 Jazz Dance Level II 2  
Dance 0343 Jazz Dance Level III 2  
Dance 0351 African Dance Level I 1-3  
Dance 0352 African Dance Level II 1-3  
Subtotal (Minimum Required Hours) 30  

**Note on Required Dance Techniques:  Freshman dance majors are required to take four modern technique courses and two ballet technique courses.  Sophomore dance majors are required to take four modern technique courses.  Junior and senior dance majors must be in technique class four days a week and are required to register for at least one modern dance course each semester.  In addition, students are required to have a minimum total of 6 credits in a second technique, which could include: ballet, jazz, improvisation, or African dance. Students are also required to take one semester of African technique.


Performance and Choreography Required Courses

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Dance 0070 Movement Improvisation I 2  
Dance 0072 Dance Composition I 2  
Dance 0073 Dance Composition II 2  
Dance 0074 Dance Composition III 2  
Dance 0174 Freshman Repertory 3  


Dance Repertory
African Dance Repertory

Dance 0390 Senior Choreographic Projects 3  
Subtotal     17  

Required University Core

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
English C050 College Composition 3 CO
IH X051 Intellectual Heritage I 3 IA
IH X052 Intellectual Heritage II 3 IB
CORE Elective Quantitative Reasoning, Level I 3 QA
CORE Elective Quantitative Reasoning, Level II 3 QB
CORE Elective American Culture 3 AC
CORE Elective Arts  (Cannot take C110 Entry to Dance as Art
or C112 Pathways in American Dance)
3 AR
CORE Elective Individual and Society 3 IN
CORE Elective Studies in Race 3 RS
CORE Elective Science and Technology, Level I 4 SA
CORE Elective Science and Technology, Level II (Suggest D365 Dance Science and Somatics) 3 SB
CORE Elective International Studies (Complete one academic course, Level 52 of Foreign Language) 3 IS
Subtotal     37  

Dance and Other Electives***

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Dance 0058 Hatha Yoga I 2  
Dance 0371 Movement Improvisation II 2  
Dance R280 Dance, Movement and Pluralism 3 RS
Dance 0286 Field Experience in Dance 1-8  
Dance 0290 Independent Study in Dance 1-4  
Dance 0304 Dance and the Child 3  
Dance 0375 Contact Improvisation 2  
Dance 0365 Dance Science and Somatics 3 SB
Dance 0396 Principles of Dance Technology 3  
Subtotal (Dance and/or Other Discipline -- Minimum Required Hours) 13  

*** Dance or Other Electives:  Remaining credits can be used for electives within the Dance Department or for courses in other academic areas.  Within the department, students can take dance technique courses listed above or dance academic courses.

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