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American Culture and Media Arts
Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass media
Communications Interdepartmental Major
Film and Media Arts
Foundation courses
Production Thesis Sequence
Media Culture Thesis Sequence
Non-Thesis Sequence
Required Core Courses
Foundation Courses
Broadcast Journalism
Photography for the Mass Media
Minor, Journalism
New Media Interdisciplinary Concentration
Strategic and Organizational Communication
Public Communication
Organizational Leadership
Public Relations
Foundation courses
General Theater Studies
Acting Emphasis
Design Emphasis
Minor in Theater

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  Academic Programs / Communication & Theater



William Donnelly, Associate Professor
F.T. Marquez, Associate Professor
James Marra, Professor
Michael Maynard, Associate Professor and Chair

Film and Media Arts

Jeanne Allen, Associate Professor
Alan Barber, Assistant Professor
Warren Bass, Professor
Rod Coover, Assistant Professor
Peter D’Agostino, Professor
Sarah Drury, Assistant Professor
Cheryl Dunye, Associate Professor
LeAnn Erickson, Associate Professor
David Parry, Professor
Eran Preis, Associate Professor
Jeff Rush, Associate Professor
Paul Swann, Professor and Chair


Bonnie Brennen, Professor and Chair
Fabienne Darling-Wolf, Assistant Professor
Thomas Eveslage, Professor
Carolyn Kitch, Associate Professor
Andrew Mendelson, Assistant Professor
Edward Trayes, Professor
Karen Turner, Associate Professor
Linn Washington, Associate Professor

Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media

Norman Felsenthal, Professor
Jan Fernback, Assistant Professor
Renee Hobbs, Associate Professor
Thomas Jacobson, Professor
Elizabeth Leebron, Professor and Chair
John Lent, Professor
Matthew Lombard, Associate Professor
Nancy Morris, Associate Professor
Howard Myrick, Professor
Zizi Papacharissi, Assistant Professor
Concetta Stewart, Dean, Associate Professor
Sari Thomas, Professor


Daniel Boylen, Professor and Chair
Kevin Cotter, Associate Professor
Kathy Garrinella, Associate Professor
Robert Hedley, Professor
Dan Kern, Associate Professor
Donna Snow, Associate Professor

Strategic and Organizational Communication

Aram Aghazarian, Associate Professor and Chair
Jean Brodey, Associate Professor
Priscilla Murphy, Professor
Herb Simons, Professor
Kasey Walker, Assistant Professor

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