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Landscape Architecture

Bachelor of Science

The degree of Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture may be conferred upon a student by recommendation of the faculty and upon the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 130 semester hours of credit with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 overall and in the major. No more than one grade below a C- is allowed in any course in either Landscape Architecture or Horticulture.

Summary of Requirements for the Degree

1.      University requirements

-Math 0045 (3 s.h.) and/or English 0040 (4 s.h.), if required by placement testing

-University Core Curriculum requirements (30-40 s.h. plus required courses for the major) including completion of the Library Orientation. (Transfer students should see the Core Curriculum section of the Undergraduate Bulletin



2.      Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture requirements (25 s.h.)

-8 courses are required:
Landscape Architecture 0001, 0011 (0103); Botany C101, 0102;
Horticulture 0107, 0108, C236 and 0310.


3.       Landscape Architecture (LA) Major requirements (minimum of 66 s.h.)

Note: The former number of the course is in parentheses. Some of the new numbers are pending approval.

-9 Landscape Architecture courses are required (27 s.h.):
LA 0022 (0152), 0032 (0104), 0052, 0151 (0108),  0152 (0309), W241 (W318), 0251 (0310), 0271 (0305), 0362 (0323)

-6 Landscape Architecture studios are required (36 s.h.):
LA 0131 (0207), 0132 (0208), 0231 (0311), 0232 (0312), 0331 (0392), W332 (W393)

-1 Landscape Architecture or Horticulture elective is required (minimum of 3 s.h.)


4.      Electives (approximately 9 s.h)


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