Upper Division Courses

0111-0112. Elements of Beginning Chemistry (4 s.h.) F S.

Cross Listed with Chemistry C051-C052.

A fundamental view of science recommended for the student who would like to enter a scientific field but lacks adequate background. A two semester sequence. Important chemical phenomena and their explanations. Development and use of chemical theories and the mathematical skills needed in their use.

0360-0361. Physical Science for Teachers (3 s.h. each) F S.

For in-service and prospective teachers K-12 who need to strengthen their physical science knowledge. Appropriate topics from physics, chemistry, and astronomy.

0362. Ecology and Field Biology for Teachers ( (3 s.h.) S.

Principles and examples of ecology. The Schuylkill Valley Nature Center is used for field work investigating topics such as population, succession, and food chains.

Note: For in-service and prospective teachers K-12.

0364. Environmental Science for Teachers (3 s.h.)

0365. Meteorology for Teachers (3 s.h.) S.

The facts of meteorology, forecasting, and climatic studies as a science. Discussions, field trips, laboratory exercises, and films. Guest speakers review current work in meteorology.

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