01706/New Media Interdisciplinary Concentration


Foundational Courses

0001. Introduction to New Media (3 s.h.) F.

Cross Listed with BTMM 0089.

An Introduction to the history, theory, and basic tools of new media analysis and production. Students will learn listserv management, web searches, and basic web authoring. This course serves as the first of two required introductory classes in the New Media Interdisciplinary Concentration.

Note: Students taking BTMM 0150 may not enroll in this course for credit.

0002. Introduction to Interdisciplinary New Media 2 (3 s.h.) S.

Prerequisite: NMIC 0001 or equivalent intro to digital multimedia. Students taking BTMM 70 may not enroll in this course for credit.

Cross Listed with BTMM 0189, FMA 0282, JPRA 0189.

This course focuses on advanced issues and contemporary problems in a new media environment. It provides an overview of intermediate/advanced tools, such as non-linear digital video and sound editing, vector graphics, digital image creation and interactive multimedia authoring. The course serves as the second half of the introduction to the NMIC.

Upper Division Courses

0301. New Media Colloquium (1 s.h.) F.

Cross Listed with FMA 0249, JPRA 0249, and BTMM 0249.

A forum in which we will look at the new media landscape from a number of different angles exploring the question "what constitutes effective new media communication" We will examine new media work in subject areas ranging from documentary/journalism to art spaces to entertainment to successful commercial enterprises with the intention of developing a critical understanding of how to effectively use the medium.

Note: This course is required for the completion of the New Media Interdisciplinary Concentration and open to all SCAT students,

0302. New Media Synthesis (4 s.h.) S.

Prerequisite: At least three prior new media courses, NMIC 0001-0002 or equivalent.

A capstone course in the New Media Interdisciplinary Concentration that encourages and facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration in the production of a final project. The course will produce intermediate/advanced new media projects.

0393. Special Topics in New Media (2-4 s.h.) F S.

Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor.

Cross Listed with FMA 0391, FMA 0902.

An exploratory production workshop with varying special topics including virtual environments, media and architecture, 3D modeling, interface design, and advanced multimedia authoring. The topic for the course for Spring 2003 is: Interactive Narrative

0399. Directed Projects In New Media (1-4 s.h.) F S.

Directed projects and independent study in interdisciplinary new media. Topics will vary.

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