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Social Administration
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Jay Fagan, Acting Dean , D.S.W., Columbia University. 
Link Martin, M.S.W., Assistant Dean, Harrisburg ,  University of Hawaii. 
Thaddeus P. Mathis, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Research and Continuing Education, Temple University. 

Admissions / Advising
Gloria Ricks-Carter, M.S.W., Director of Admissions , Temple University. 
Kenneth M. White, MA, Undergraduate Coordinator, M.A., United Theological Seminary. 

BSW Program Director
Lois Millner, Ph.D.,  Bryn Mawr College.

Department Chairperson
Martin Millison, D.S.W., University of Pennsylvania. 

Social Administration

Mary Bricker-Jenkins, D.S.W., Fordham University. 
Gloria A. Gettys, Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College. 
Ruth Gillman, Ed.D., Temple University.

Linda M. Mauro, D.S.W., University of Pennsylvania. 
Martin B. Millison, D.S.W., University of Pennsylvania. 
Edward Newman, Ph.D., Brandeis University. 
Miriam M. Olson, D.S.W., City University of New York. 
Felice D. Perlmutter, Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College. 

Associate Professor
Israel Colon, Ph.D., Brandeis University. 
Marsha Z. Crawford, D.S.W., Howard University. 
Jay S. Fagan, D.S.W., Columbia University. 
Lois Millner, Ph.D.,BSW Program Director, Bryn Mawr College. 
Bernie S. Newman, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. 
Emeka Nwadiora, D.S.W., Howard University. 

Ron Costen, Ph.D., University of Pittsburg 

Assistant Professor
Gregory Acevedo, Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College.
Marina C. Barnett, D.S.W., University of Pennsylvania. 
Beverly A. Davis, Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College. 
Margaret Smith, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. 
Eileen E. Widerman, Ph.D., Temple University. 

Gene Chavez, Ph.D., Brandeis University.
Darla Henry, Ph.D., University of Maryland. 

Field Education Specialists
Sharon K. Webster, M.S.W., Temple University (Director of Field Education). 
Valarie Boone, M.S.W., Temple University. 
Paul L. Dannenfelser, M.S.S.W., Columbia University. 
Nancy B. Fredland, M.S., Boston University. 
Anna S. Jones, M.S.W., Atlanta University. 
Gloria M. Zucker, M.S.W., University of Michigan. 

Ann Gantt, M.S.W., Temple University. 
Lynn Notestine, M.S.W., University of Pittsburgh. 

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