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American Culture

Courses in American Culture introduce Temple students to the serious study of those aspects of our culture that are uniquely American. Some courses deal with American culture in general, while others focus on particular aspects of American life. A portion of all courses in this category is devoted to the unique experiences, achievements, and contributions of ethnic minorities and women in American life. 

Requirement: One three-credit course from this list.  

Note:  Core courses no longer offered by departments have been removed from this list, but students who took them will receive Core credit, as indicated in their DARS document. Questions about the past, present, or future Core status of a course can be answered by the Core and Transfer Office.

African-American Studies
C068 African American History since 1900
H098 Honors African American History since 1900

American Studies
C051 American Lives
C062 Work in America 
H091 Honors American Lives
C092/H092 Honors Work in America

H197 Honors Quest for the American Dream

C064 American Culture

Art History
C191 Image of America

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
C060/X060 Education and Schooling in America

C056 American Literature
H096 Honors American Literature

Geography and Urban Studies
C080/X080 Geography of United States and Canada

C067/X067 U.S. History to 1877
C068 U.S. History since 1877
H097 Honors U.S. History to 1877
H098 Honors U.S. History since 1877

Legal and Real Estate Studies
R050 Racial Discrimination under the Law
X093 Honors Tobacco in America
X199 Honors Law and Ethics

Music Studies
C086 Music in American Society

C063 American Thinkers

Political Science
C051 American Political Systems
H091 Honors American Political Systems

C052 Religion in America
H092 Honors Religion in America

Social Work
C121 History and Values of Social Welfare

R064/R064/X064 American Ethnicity
C081/X081 Men and Women in American Society
X092 Honors Men and Women in American Society

Speech Communication 
R082 Campaigns and Movements
H092 Honors Campaigns and Movements 

Tourism and Hospitality Management
C080/X080 Leisure in American Culture

R188 Art, Race, and the American Experience 

Women's Studies
C076 American Women's Lives