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Military Science

Rodney O. Griffin, LTC
Fourth Floor, Lower Level
Ritter Hall
(215) 204-7480

Through a curriculum offered by the Temple Department of Military Science, qualified full-time students can earn a commission as an Active Duty, Reserve, or National Guard Officer, while concurrently satisfying academic requirements for a baccalaureate or graduate degree. 

Military Science courses are open to all Temple students. There is no requirement for students taking Military Science courses to enroll in the commissioning program. Students taking Military Science courses are under no military service obligation of any kind. 

Students enrolled in the commissioning program incur either an active duty or reserve forces duty commitment commencing upon successful completion of the ROTC Advanced Course program and graduation from college. Temple's Department of Military Science offers both two-year and four-year curricula leading to a commission in the United States Army. 

Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (AROTC) Four-Year Commissioning Program

The Four-Year Program consists of two phases: the Basic Course and the Advanced Course.

In the Basic Course, the student takes one Military Science course each semester during the freshman and sophomore years. This instruction orients the student to activities frequently encountered during military service. Though students may voluntarily participate in weekend exercises and ROTC-sponsored events, they are under no obligation to do so. Additionally, students enrolled in the Basic Course are under no obligation for present or future military duty. 

During the Advanced Course (normally the junior and senior years), the student receives instruction designed to enhance leadership abilities; reinforce managerial, supervisory, and accountability skills; and further develop the individual's foundation of military knowledge. The highlight of this instruction is the student's attendance at the five-week ROTC National Advance Leadership Course, usually during the summer between the junior and senior years. The camp is a series of rigorous leadership challenges in which the Temple student competes against students from 111 other colleges and universities. Advanced Course students (enrolled in the commissioning program) receive a tax-free stipend (juniors - $350.00 per month and seniors - $400 per month) each year of the Advanced Course.  When students complete the Advanced Course, they are obligated to accept a commission as a Second Lieutenant and upon graduation from college, incur either an active duty or reserve forces duty service commitment in the United States Army. 

Two-Year Commissioning Program

The Two-Year Program consists of the Advanced Course and is open to any qualified full-time graduate or undergraduate student who has at least two years of academic study remaining at Temple University and has completed the Basic Course or its equivalent. Basic Course equivalency can be granted for prior active or reserve military service. Additionally, Temple students can receive this equivalency by attending a five-week ROTC Leadership Training Camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky during the summer. Following successful completion of this challenging program, the student is eligible to enter the ROTC Advanced Course. Students attending the Leadership Training Camp incur a military obligation and they are required to enroll in the ROTC Advanced Course. 


The Military Science Department administers the Army Scholarship Program, which includes numerous options. The scholarships are awarded based on local and national competitions and are for four, three, and two years. The scholarships pay tuition, an allowance for books and lab fees, and a monthly stipend. The scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, and a student need not be enrolled in Army ROTC to apply. Inquiries should be directed to Mrs. Jackie Hankins-Kent, Department of Military Science/ROTC, Ritter Hall- Lower Level, Room 4A, (215) 204-7480/9622.

Course Offerings

               F = offered Fall semester           S = offered Spring semester

05901/Military Science (Army ROTC) 


0015 Introduction to Military Science I 1 s.h. (F)
0016 Introduction to Military Science II 1 s.h. (S) 
0015L, 0016L Leadership Lab 
0027 Small Unit Operations and Leadership 1 s.h. (S) 
0031 Basic Military Skills and Leadership 1 s.h. (F) 
0027L, 0031L Leadership Lab 


0131 Applied Leadership and Management I 2 s.h. (F)
0132 Applied Leadership and Management II 2 s.h. (S) 
0141 Advanced Leadership and Management I 2 s.h. ( F) 
0142 Advanced Leadership and Management II 2 s.h.( S) 

Military Science Faculty

Rodney O. Griffin, LTC, Quartermaster, Professor of Military Science and Department Chair, B.S. Hampton University,       M.Ed.-Temple University.

David K. Johnson, CPT, Engineer, Assistant Professor of Military Science/Battalion Executive Officer, B.S. Norfolk State University

Richard A. Howett, CPT, Infantry, Assistant Professor of Military Science, B.S., University of Pittsburgh. 

George L. Downey, CPT, Infantry, Assistant Professor of Military Science, B.S., Clarion University

Anthony J. Middleton, Master Sergeant, Commandant of Cadet

William H. Campbell , Sergeant First Class, Operations NCO