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Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)

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Temple students are eligible to participate in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) through a cross-town agreement with Saint Joseph’s University.  This agreement allows Temple students to take Aerospace Studies classes at the AFROTC host university.  All Aerospace Studies courses are held on the Saint Joseph’s University campus.  Credits will be transferred to Temple, appear on the official transcript, and count towards the student’s overall GPA.  The AFROTC program enables college students to earn a commission as an Air Force officer while concurrently satisfying requirements for his or her baccalaureate degree.  

The AFROTC program at Saint Joseph’s University offers one-to-four-year curricula leading to a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force.  In the four-year curriculum, students take classes as part of the General Military Corps (GMC) during the freshmen and sophomore years.  Students will also attend a four-week summer training program following the spring semester of the sophomore year.  Upon their return, students then progress to the remaining two-year curricula, taking courses corresponding to the Professional Officer Corps (POC) during the junior and senior years.  Those who begin the program as juniors enroll in the two-year curriculum and attend a five-week summer training program following the spring semester of the junior year.  Accordingly, students who enter as sophomores are part of the three-year curriculum and take the second half of GMC courses.  Entering seniors will be in the one-year curriculum and take the remaining half of POC courses followed by a seven-week summer training program.  Students are under no contractual obligation to the Air Force until they accept an Air Force scholarship as sophomores and greater or enter the POC.

The subject matter of the freshmen and sophomore years is developed from a historical perspective and focuses on the scope, structure, and history of military power with the emphasis on the development of air power.  During the junior and senior years, the curriculum concentrates on the concepts and practices of leadership and management, and the role of national security forces in contemporary American society.  

In addition to the academic portion of the curricula, students participate in a two-hour Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) each week.  During this period, the day-to-day skills and working environment of the Air Force are discussed, explained, and simulated.  The leadership lab is structured to allow students to practice leadership and management techniques through various methods. 

Air Force ROTC offers two, three, and four-year scholarships on a competitive basis to qualified applicants.  All scholarships cover tuition, application fees, lab fees, the cost of textbooks, and also provide a $250, $300, $350, or $400 tax-free monthly stipend.  

Contact AFROTC for further information about the program, scholarships, and career opportunities. 

Course Offerings

               F = offered Fall semester           S = offered Spring semester

1011. Air Force Today I (1 s.h.) F 
1021. Air Force Today II (1 s.h.) S 

1031. The Air Force Way I (1 s.h.) F 
1041. The Air Force Way II (1 s.h.) S 

2011. Air Force Leadership and Management I (3 s.h.) F 
2021. Air Force Leadership and Management II (3 s.h.) S 

2031. National Security Issues I (3 s.h.) F 
2041. National Security Issues II (3 s.h.) S