01983/Mathematics Education (Secondary)


Upper Division Courses

0146. Methods and Materials in Secondary Mathematics (3 s.h.) S.

This course examines teaching strategies for mathematics in both the senior high school and the middle school, the use of manipulatives, evaluative techniques and special problems in mathematics instruction, including motivation, reading, study skills and classroom management. Special attention is paid to current trends in the profession, with an emphasis on the problem-solving approach.

0147. Geometry and Its Classroom Implications (3 s.h.)

The class stresses the topics found in a standard high school geometry course from an advanced point of view. In addition, important plane geometry theorems such as Ceva’s Theorem, and Menelaus’ Theorem are examined. Special attention is paid to the concept of proof, and different kinds of proofs are examined. Non-Euclidean geometry is investigated, as are the constructions of college geometry.

0278. Professional Subject Matter: Statistics (3 s.h.)

This course addresses the statistics curriculum found in most high school advanced placement courses. In addition, students will test hypotheses using appropriate sampling strategies, and interpret the results in terms of confidence intervals and significance. The course will also examine interpreting the results of statistical tests, (including z-test, t-test, paired t-test, matched t-test). In addition, special consideration will be given to developing strategies for modeling data, making predictions from these models, and considering issues relating to population, random samples, and proportions.

0366. The Teaching of Problem Solving (3 s.h. odd-numbered years) F.

This course is designed for the in-service as well as the pre-service teacher. Topics to be discussed will be the role of problem solving and reasoning in the mathematics curriculum, developing techniques for improving problem solving and reasoning abilities of students on mathematics. Emphasis will be on how to teach problem solving as opposed to merely solving problems.

0381. History of Mathematics (3 s.h. even-numbered years) F.

The course will consider the mathematical ideas of particular significance in elementary and secondary school curricula: the development and introduction of Hindu-Arabic numerals, early computing devices, Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries, etc. Ways in which the history of mathematics may be used to enhance the learning of mathematical concepts by students in the schools will also be examined.