02400/Liberal Arts


Preparatory Courses

0004. Discovering the Liberal Arts (2 s.h.) F S.

The courses in this series provide a sweeping overview of the liberal arts curriculum and connections with the world of work. Through an interdisciplinary approach, students are exposed to examples of the content as well as the tools of the disciplines while learning how a liberal arts education translates into a career in business, law, health care, education, government and more. Each time the courses are offered they focus on a particular theme such as popular culture, conflict resolution and globalization, and faculty from a variety of departments are invited to present their perspectives. Participation in a Discovery Series course helps students acquire a better understanding of the liberal arts majors and associated careers, and the skills needed to plan an effective course of study.

Upper Division Courses

0300. Corporate Interdisciplinary Seminar (3 s.h.) S.
Co-Requisite: Liberal Arts 301.

Drawing on the literatures from the disciplines of sociology, psychology, economics, history and others, this interdisciplinary seminar is the academic component accompanying an internship in the corporate sector for CLA juniors and seniors. It will appeal to those students interested in future employment in for-profit companies regardless of CLA major. These upper division students will learn to understand the importance and relevance in corporate settings of the skills developed through their liberal arts academic experience

Note: Junior or senior standing in CLA (preference given to seniors); 3.0 cumulative GPA; approval of instructor required.

0301. Corporate Interdisciplinary Internship (3 s.h.) S.
Co-Requisite: Liberal Arts 300.

In this internship, Liberal Arts students will have the opportunity to work for ten hours a week in one of an array of for-profit industries such as financial services, healthcare, insurance, technology, human services, and communication. They will hold positions in and interact with a variety of departments including legal, human resources, marketing, public relations, technology, customer service, and community relations.

Note: Junior or senior standing in CLA (preference given to seniors); 3.0 cumulative GPA; approval of instructor required.