01518/Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management Programs are located in the Department of Risk, Insurance and Healthcare Management

Upper Division Courses

0101. Introduction to Healthcare Management (3 s.h.) F S. Core: IN.

Introduction to the organization, delivery and financing of health care. An overview of management issues designed for those preparing for careers as healthcare professionals or business majors interested in career opportunities in the healthcare industry.

0201. Healthcare Financing and Information Technology (3 s.h.) S.

Prerequisite: Healthcare Management 0101 or RMI 0205.

The insurance, payment mechanisms, contractual arrangements and control mechanisms related to the provision of health services. The course emphasizes information technology applications and hands-on exercises using web-based information resources.

Note: This is an information management / technology approved course for FSBM majors

W301. Integrated Delivery Systems and Managed Care (3 s.h.) F. Core: WI.

Prerequisite: Healthcare Management 0201.

A case study based course emphasizing the application of care and risk management principles to the management of integrated delivery systems and health plans. The emphasis is on problem solving, and professionally-prepared written and oral presentations, and exposure to various career related options.

Note: Must be a healthcare management minor or business management major with a healthcare management concentration.