05757/Community & Regional Planning


Lower Division Courses

0051. Freshman Seminar/Discovery Series (1 s.h.) F.

A course that introduces first-year students to the purposes of higher education and to the skills needed to use information technology and academic resources successfully in college and also in preparation for the workplace of the 21st century. The seminar also focuses on topics useful to college students including time management, teamwork, study skills, and academic and career planning. Designed to introduce the student to planning-related majors (Geography, Landscape Architecture, Planning, Environmental Studies),their sub-fields, and the numerous career opportunities within each major.

Mode: lecture.

Upper Division Courses

0100. Survey of Community and Regional Planning (3 s.h.) F.

Introduction to the field of community and regional planning: the history of the profession, the history of cities and suburbs, the current issues facing cities and other regional areas, and the role that planners play in solving those problems

Mode: Lecture.

0101. Theory of Community and Regional Planning (3 s.h.) S.

The nature of planning and its relationship to the geographic, political, economic, social, and cultural structures of communities and regions. Levels of planning, the role of planning in decision making, the steps taken in planning, and the limitations in planning.

Mode: lecture.

0200. Professional Practice (3 s.h.) S.

Prerequisite: CRP 0101.

The legal and ethical responsibilities of professional planners: relationship to the client and public. Discussion of professional associations; exploration of planning specialties and career opportunities in the public and private sectors; guest speakers. Job search skills: resume writing, interviewing.

0205. Environmental/Site Planning (6 s.h.) F.

Prerequisite: CRP 0101 and 0262.

The theory of the ecological and cultural site analysis process, case studies on historic and neo-traditionalist planned communities, and the design elements of a sustainable, mixed-use pedestrian- oriented village. The studio portion includes large-scale rural, natural, cultural, and resource analysis, community planning and design concepts, and land use planning strategies leading to a master plan for a village-scale new community

Note: This course is not open to students who have taken Landscape Architecture 0206/0208. Mode: Lecture and Studio.

0210. Community Planning (3 s.h.) S.

Prerequisite: CRP 0101.

This course examines the theoretical and ethical context of community planning and the role of the planner as community designer and social activist. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a real project based in the community.

0215. Land Use Planning (3 s.h.) F.

Prerequisite: CRP 0101.

An examination of the forces that influence land use planning in and around American metropolitan regions. Considers economic perspectives (land values), public interest perspectives (zoning subdivision, housing and building codes, redevelopment and renewal programs, etc.), and social perspectives of land use. Also examines separately housing, commercial locations, and industrial development.

Note: This course is not open to students who have taken Geography and Urban Studies 0215.

0250. Planning Law (3 s.h.) S.

Prerequisite: CRP 0101.

Overview of statutory and case law as foundation of, and authorization for, government planning and development regulation. Problems of balancing public and private interests. Traditional and new concepts of zoning, housing codes, subdivision regulation review procedures.

0262. Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems (3 s.h.) S.

Prerequisite: Computer and Information Sciences C055.

Introduction to the basic elements of GIS maps as models; raster and vector data structures; relational databases; spatial data acquisition and creation; spatial query and display; thematic mapping; simple overlays and map algebra.

Note: This course is not open to students who have taken Geography and Urban Studies 0262.

0282. Research Design and Methods in Community and Regional Planning (3 s.h.) F.

Prerequisite: Psychology /Math/Sociology C067.

Methodologies for research reports and theses; framing the question and scope; library use and literature review; primary data (survey design, participant observation in the field); secondary data (census, digital sources); analytical tools; putting it together.

Note: This course is not open to students who have taken Geography and Urban Studies W282 or an equivalent research methods course.

0325. Internship in Planning (3 s.h.) F.

Prerequisite: CRP major with senior standing.

Work experience under the supervision of a certified planner. Students apply and synthesize knowledge from the classroom and clarify career interests. Students meet for seminars and write papers under the guidance of the Temple University supervisor.

Note: Special authorization required.

0350. Senior CRP Project (6 s.h.) S.

Prerequisite: Senior standing and completion of CRP required courses.

Working in small teams, students integrate and apply the previous years of educational experience to a community planning problem: analysis of the problem, data collection, communication of goals and objectives, formulation of solution, and implementation.

Note: Special authorization required.