Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)

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Lower Division Courses

2011. Air Force Leadership and Management I (3 s.h.) F.

A study of managerial theory, concepts and techniques of decision-making, and the basic functions of management with particular emphasis on applications for Air Force officers.

1011. Air Force Today I (1 s.h.) F.

Introductory course exploring the military as a profession, including civilian control of the U.S. Armed Forces, functions and organization of the U.S. Air Force, and organization and operations of U.S. strategic offensive forces.

2021. Air Force Leadership and Management II (3 s.h.) S.

An interdisciplinary approach to leadership which includes study of human behavior and relationships, motivation, professional ethics and leadership styles. Communication skills are stressed through written and oral assignments.

1021. Air Force Today II (1 s.h.) S.

Introductory course exploring U.S. general purpose and defensive forces including: mission and organization of the major U.S. Air Force Commands and separate operating agencies, major functions and conduct of joint service military operations. Discusses air defense, detection systems, close air support, and air superiority.

2031. National Security Issues I (3 s.h.) F.

A focus on the Armed Forces as an integral and inseparable element of society. Primary emphasis is placed on the overall national security process and the factors which comprise it. The impact of a nation's military, economic, psychological, and technical components on national security policy is examined. Other topics include major geopolitical hotspots and the origins of arms races.

1031. The Air Force Way I (1 s.h.) F.

The development of aerospace power from balloons and dirigibles through the employment of U.S. air power in World War II. The course includes the military theory of aerospace power employment.

2041. National Security Issues II (3 s.h.) S.

A continuation course studying civil-military relations. Topics include civilian control of the military, conflict control, military professionalism, and military justice. Emphasis is placed on the reciprocal responsibilities of civilians and the military in a democratic society.

1041. The Air Force Way II (1 s.h.) S.

A continuation course studying the employment of U.S. air power in the Korean Conflict, relief missions and civic action programs in the later 1960's, the war in Southeast Asia. Research is conducted into the military theory of aerospace force employment.