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At Temple University, a certificate is a credit-bearing program of courses leading to a credential that recognizes the student’s work in a specialized area of knowledge.  An undergraduate certificate may be part of a degree program or it may stand alone.  It is distinct from an academic major or minor and should not be confused with the process of professional certification for teaching and other fields.  Certificate programs often focus on the acquisition of specific skills recognized in the job market.  They are open to undergraduates in all Temple schools and colleges and majors and are particularly useful to students seeking to document their exposure to fields and disciplines outside of their academic major and minor.  Some majors recommend particular certificate programs to their students.  Non-matriculated students should contact the department offering a certificate, as some certificates are restricted to matriculated students.  The University Honors Program and the Fox School of Business and Management offer Honors certificates.

Certificates of Completion                 Department  School

Child and Family Services  

Social Work    

Chinese    Critical Languages  CLA
Floral Design


French French, German, Italian and Slavic CLA
Geography of Sports, Recreation and Tourism Planning Geography
and Urban Studies
Geography of Tourism Geography and Urban Studies CLA
German French, German, Italian and Slavic CLA
Gerontology Institute on Aging  ED
Horticultural Therapy   Horticulture     Ambler
Information Science and Technology Computer and Information Sciences CST
Italian    French, German, Italian and Slavic CLA
Japanese      Critical Languages CLA
Landscape Plants Horticulture Ambler
Latin American Studies Semester Spanish  and Portuguese CLA
Management Career Economics CLA
Multilingual Business and Government Studies  Spanish  and Portuguese CLA
Neuroscience Psychology  CLA
People First  Human Resource Admin  FSBM
Political Economy Political Science and Economics CLA
Russian FGIS CLA
Spanish Spanish and Portuguese CLA
Spanish and Latin American Studies for Business Spanish and Portuguese CLA

Spanish and Latino Studies for the Health and Human Services Professions

Spanish and Portuguese CLA
Women’s Studies    Women’s Studies   CLA
Writing  English CLA