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Individual and Society

Core Individual and Society courses involve the study of contemporary society. Topics include political and economic organizations, social development, problems faced by minority groups, relationships between individuals, and the rights and responsibilities that accompany membership in a community. 

Requirement: One three-credit course from this list.

R060 Introduction to Anthropology 
H090 Honors Introduction to Anthropology

Criminal Justice
C050 Introduction to Criminal Justice

C050 Introduction to the Economy (formerly C053)
C051/X051 Macroeconomic Principles
C052 Microeconomic Principles
H091 Honors Macroeconomic Principles
H092 Honors Microeconomic Principles 
H093 Honors Economic Theory

Geography and Urban Studies
C050/X050 Environment and Society
C055 Urban Society
R055 Urban Society: Race, Class, and Community

Health Management
C101/X101 Introduction to Healthcare Management

Health Studies
C050 Contemporary Aspects of Disability 

Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising
C055 Introduction to Mass Media

Legal Studies
C001 Law and Society
X091 Honors Law and Society

C050 Philosophical Challenges to the Individual
C062 Morality and the Law
H090 Honors Philosophical Challenges to the Individual

Political Science

R050 The Individual, Race, and American Political Life 


C050 Psychology as a Social Science
X091 Honors Psychology as a Social Science

C054 Religion and Society
H094 Honors Religion and Society

Social Work
C060 Human Behavior in the Social Environment

C050/X050 Introduction to Sociology
C059/R059/X059 Sociology of Race and Racism
C066 Money: Who Has It, Who Doesn't, Why It Matters
H090 Honors Introduction to Sociology
H099 Honors Sociology of Race and Racism

Women's Studies
X051 Introduction to Women's Studies
X091 Honors Introduction to Women's Studies