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Telephone: 1-888-GO AMBLER or 215-283-1201 


Sophia Wisniewska, Dean

215-283-1227 or 1-888-GO AMBLER

Temple University Ambler is an ideal campus to pursue your higher education--with a convenient location, courses in a variety of disciplines, and a friendly atmosphere. Located in suburban Montgomery County, just 18 miles north of the Main Campus (and minutes from Route 309 and the PA Turnpike), Ambler offers the coziness of a small college campus with the excitement and vast resources of a great University. Commuters and residents enjoy Ambler's stunning grounds, state-of-the-art computer labs, "smart" classrooms, vibrant student life, and recreational facilities that include an exercise/weight room, indoor/outdoor pool, sand volleyball pit, tennis and basketball courts, and jogging trail. Ambler's facilities include modern science laboratories, a library, a computer-assisted design lab, and residence halls. Come join the 4,000 students who choose Temple University Ambler each year. 

The Ambler campus offers hundreds of undergraduate courses, day and evening, taught by the University's distinguished faculty. Students can begin almost every undergraduate program at Ambler. Depending on the major, students can take all their courses at Ambler. The most popular majors that can be completed at Ambler include: Business, Communications and Theater (interdepartmental major), Criminal Justice, Education, and Psychology. Undergraduate courses include offerings from Temple's Core Curriculum and basic courses in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics. These enable Pre-Allied Health students to complete the required first two years of prerequisite courseware. Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Physical Therapy, or Pre-Occupational Therapy students can take all the courses at Ambler required for admission to a professional school. Nurses may also complete the BSN entirely at Ambler. Pre-Law students may remain at Ambler for four years, pursuing degrees in Business, Communications, Social Sciences, or the Humanities. The campus is home to Temple's Ambler College and its Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture, unique in its emphasis on urban landscape architecture and its ecological orientation toward open space and landscape planning. The beautiful landscaped grounds, also known as the Landscape Arboretum of Temple University Ambler, feature formal gardens, orchards, wooded areas, and much more. 

For a change of pace and scenery, Ambler students can also take courses at Main, Center City, Tyler, or the Health Sciences. The University provides free bus service that runs between Ambler, Tyler and the Main Campus during the fall and spring semester. Students commuting by car will find ample parking. For those traveling by public transportation, the University provides free shuttle bus service between the campus and the SEPTA railroad station in Ambler (also a stop on SEPTA's #94 bus line from Chestnut Hill) during the fall and spring semesters, with limited service during the first summer session. 

Ambler attracts students who live or work north of Philadelphia, including those from Bucks, Lehigh, Montgomery, and Northampton Counties. The Blue Route (Rt. 476) also makes Temple University Ambler easily accessible to students from Chester and Delaware counties. Temple also offers undergraduate programs in Business Administration, Education, Nursing (for RNs), and Organizational Studies at Bucks County Community College, making it easy for Bucks students to earn their Temple degree at a convenient location and providing another convenient site for Ambler students to take courses. 

After graduating, many Temple students continue their graduate work at Temple University Fort Washington. Located in the Fort Washington Office Park, this graduate and professional center features corporate-style classrooms and state-of-the-art computer labs. Students may complete master's degrees in Business (M.B.A. and M.S.); Educational Administration (Ed.M.); Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.S.E.); and Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs (M.S.); and Pharmaceutics (non-thesis M.S.). In addition, certificate programs in Accounting, Education, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs, and Pharmaceutics are available as well. 

For more information about Ambler programs, please call the Welcome Center at 215-283-1201 or toll-free at 1-888-GO AMBLER, or check the Temple Ambler web site at www.ambler.temple.edu

Academic Standards

Placement on the Ambler Dean's list each semester requires that students complete a minimum of 12 semester hours for letter-graded courses and earn a semester grade point average of a 3.5 or above on a 4.0 scale.  A part-time student must complete the fall semester and the subsequent spring semester with a combined total of at least 12 semester hours of graded coursework with a combined two-semester grade point average of 3.5 or above on a 4.0 scale.

In accordance with academic standards established by the colleges or schools in which Ambler students are enrolled, students may receive an academic warning be placed on academic probation, or be dismissed from the University. 


Academic and Career Development

Academic Advising
West Hall 109

Professional advisers, faculty advisers, and faculty program coordinators compose the advising staff at Temple University Ambler.  These dedicated, knowledgeable advisers assist students with their choice of programs and curricula.  The Fox School of Business and Management in West Hall 112 advises business and management students.  All new students will meet initially with an adviser as part of the New Student Orientation Program. 

Career Development Office
West Hall 108

This office assists students with the selection of a major as well as with career planning and placement efforts.  Students can attend workshops sponsored by the office in resume and cover letter writing, interviewing techniques, and job-search strategies.  The Career Library in West Hall 110 provides up-to-date materials that support students’ career investigation and job-search activities. In addition, students can explore Cooperative Education, Externship, and Internship opportunities with the help of the Career Development adviser.

Disability Resources and Services 
215-283-1246 (TTY)

This office arranges academic accommodations for students as mandated under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  Prospective students are encouraged to contact Disability Resources and Services to discuss documentation requirements and appropriate accommodations. 

Academic Services

Administration Building
Applications, admissions information, and interviews are handled by this office. Student Ambassadors, coordinated by the Office of Admissions, provide prospective students and visitors with a student’s perspective on life at Temple University Ambler by leading on-campus tours and participating in various special events on and off campus. The Ambler Welcome Center, located in the Administration Building, provides visitor information, course catalog, brochures on Temple University programs, and information about non-credit courses and workshops. 

Cashier and Student Financial Services
West Hall 101

All University financial transactions are handled by the Cashier and Student Financial Services, including sale of parking decals. 

West Hall LL11

Matriculated students who have not attended Temple for one semester or more must contact this office for readmission procedures prior to registering. 

West Hall 102

This office provides information and assistance regarding: registration and schedule revision procedures, name and address changes, enrollment verifications, transcript requests, production of photo identification cards, and Pennsylvania residency requirements. 

Computer Centers 

Ambler Campus
Scholars Information Center 
Library Building Room 29 

The state-of-the-art Scholars Information Center is equipped with 50 IBM PC- compatible Gateway 2000 P2-233 computers, scanners with optical character recognition software, high-speed network printers, and color inkjet printers. Laser printing is available for a nominal charge. E-Mail, Internet, and the World Wide Web can be accessed, and menu options enable you to access Temple's multi-user computers (such as Astro, Unix, Nimbus, Thunder, and the IBM mainframe) and the Libraries' online catalog. In addition, over 160 electronic research databases are available. Numerous Windows software applications are available, including Microsoft Office Professional (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access), WordPerfect Suite, Lotus SmartSuite, Visual FoxPro, Visual C++, PageMaker (on scanner PC), Netscape, Internet Explorer, Minitab, and SPSS. 

Microcomputer Center/Small Teaching Labs
Library Building Rooms 1, 2, and 4 
Widener Hall 207 

Used primarily for computer instruction, these rooms are equipped with IBM PC-compatible Gateway 2000 P2-233 machines and HP laser printers. Room 1 is equipped with 16 computers, Room 2/4 has 28, and Widener 207 has 24 work stations. 

Macintosh Lab
Library Building Room 21 

The Ambler Macintosh Lab is equipped with 12 Power Mac G3 computers, a Umax scanner, and color inkjet printers. E-Mail, Internet, and the World Wide Web can be accessed and menu options enable you to access Temple's multi-user computers (such as Astro, Unix, Nimbus, Thunder, and the IBM mainframe), and the Libraries' online catalog. In addition, over 160 electronic research databases are available. Mac software available includes Microsoft Office 98 (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), AppleWorks, Photocopy, Illustrator, PageMaker, Netscape, and Internet Explorer. 

Microcomputer Center/CAD Lab
Library Building Room 25 

This dual-purpose Lab is equipped with 28 IBM PC-compatible Gateway computers, an HP Design Jet 330 plotter, and laser printing for test plotting. A variety of software applications are available including AutoCAD and LandCAD, along with Microsoft Office Professional (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access), WordPerfect Suite, Lotus SmartSuite, Visual FoxPro, Visual C++, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Minitab, and SPSS. 

Video Editing Lab
Library Building Room 11 

The Ambler Video Editing Lab contains three high-speed IBM PC-compatible Gateway 2000 computers and one Apple G3 Macintosh computer, two video editing stations with TV monitor outputs, and a DV CAM station for digital video editing. Software available includes Adobe Premiere 5.1a for IBM PCs, Sound Forge 4.5 for IBM PC, Final Cut Pro for Macintosh, Apple QuickTime 4.0 for Macintosh, and Adobe PhotoShop 5.5 for Macintosh. 

Temple University Fort Washington
PC Labs

Fort Washington PC Lab 106 consists of 30 IBM PC-compatible Gateway 2000 P2-233 computers, HP color inkjet printers, one HP LaserJet printer, and one HP scanner. Software available include Microsoft Office 2000 Professional (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access), Pagemaker, Photoshop, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Minitab, and SPSS. Menu options enable you to access Temple’s multi-user computers, such as Astro, Unix, Nimbus, Thunder, and the IBM Mainframe. 

Fort Washington PC Lab 104 consists of 21 IBM PC-compatible Gateway 2000 P2-300 computers and one HP LaserJet printer. Software available includes Microsoft Office 2000 Professional (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access), Netscape, and Internet Explorer. Menu options enable you to access Temple’s multi-user computers, such as Astro, Unix, Nimbus, Thunder, and the IBM Mainframe. 

Lab 1 in the TU CAT building at the Fort Washington site houses 33 IBM PC-compatible Gateway 2000 P3-450 computers and one HP LaserJet printer. Software available includes Microsoft Office 2000 Professional (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access), Netscape, and Internet Explorer. Menu options enable you to access Temple’s multi-user computers, such as Astro, Unix, Nimbus, Thunder, and the IBM Mainframe. Three additional labs, each consisting of 12 Gateway 2000 P3-450 are also available.

Macintosh Lab
The Macintosh Lab at Temple University Fort Washington consists of 20 Power Macintosh 9600 computers, color inkjet printers, one HP scanner, and one HP LaserJet printer. Software available includes OS 8.0, Microsoft Office Professional (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access), WordPerfect, PageMaker, Illustrator, PhotoShop, Quark Express, and Netscape. Menu options enable you to access Temple's multi-user computers (such as Astro, Unix, Nimbus, Thunder, and the IBM mainframe). 

Library Building, 215-283-1383 

The Ambler Library supports the students and faculty with a collection of more than 95,000 books, current periodicals, microfilms, and maps, along with audiovisual materials such as recordings, tapes, slides, and videotapes. The Library is part of the Temple University Libraries and through the Diamond, the online catalog, and daily deliveries of materials requested via interlibrary loan, the Ambler academic community is provided with convenient access to the collections of all of Temple's libraries. Paley Library is the main library of the University and holds a collection of 1.8 million volumes and 11,000 current serials. The Ambler Library is connected to the Scholar's Information Center network that supports online access to the Diamond Online Catalog, electronic databases for research, Internet resources, and the Library Skills Workbook. 

Off-site Class Locations

Temple University Fort Washington
401 and 425 Commerce Drive
Fort Washington, PA 19034

Temple University Fort Washington (TUFW) Graduate and Professional Center is the home of Ambler's master's degree programs in Business, Educational Administration, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Pharmaceutical QA/RA, Pharmaceuticals, and other graduate courses. The Office of Non-credit and Special Programs, located at TUFW, provides seminars  in professional development and computer applications for today's workforce at the Graduate Center. Non-credit certificate programs can also be completed in Editing, Interior design, Meeting Planning, Computer Applications, Web Site Design, MCSE, Oracle, and Network Technologies. Workshops are also available to help prepare for the SAT, GMAT, LSAT, and GRE. Personal enrichment courses are offered in arts and literature, wellness, exercise and horticulture at Temple University Ambler. TUFW is also utilized by local corporations for training programs and meetings during the day.

TUFW is located in the Fort Washington Office Park, close to Route 309 and the PA turnpike, and features corporate-style classrooms and state-of-the-art computer labs.

Bucks County Community College
Swamp Road
Newton, PA
Temple University now offers undergraduate programs in Business Administration, Education, Nursing (for RNs), and Organizational Studies at Bucks County Community College. The partnership between the two schools enables Bucks students to continue their college education at the campus convenient to their home, enabling them to complete courses toward their respective Temple bachelor's degree. Special Temple Information days are sponsored at BCCC throughout the academic year. In addition, Bucks students are welcome to attend Ambler's Transfer Days when information sessions are provided for transfer students.

Student Financial Services

Financial Aid
West Hall 103
This office provides financial counseling, information, and applications for various financial aid programs.

Cash Operations/Bursar
West Hall 107
All University financial transactions are handled by this office. Students can arrange a tuition payment plan and resolve billing questions; Diamond Dollar account deposits; purchase parking decals; telephone bill payment and check cashing service (residence hall students only).

Tutorial Services
West Hall 109
Tutoring and Learning Connections (TLC) provides the tutorial services program at Ambler. It offers students a range of day and evening tutorial services-depending on tutor availability. Student life, Widener Faculty Offices (Room 216), Fox School Of Business and Management, Academic and Career Development, and the West Hall Reception Desk all keep a semester schedule of free departmental tutoring options and a registry of private peer tutors.

Writing Center
Bright Hall 201
Main Campus Hotline: 215-204-5612
Ambler Hotline: 215-283-1347

Students who need help with class assignments, including writing papers and reports or interpreting readings, are encouraged to visit the Ambler Writing Center. The staff provides one-on-one and small group tutoring utilizing IBM computers, word processing software, electronic dictionaries, invention programs, and online grammar handbooks.


Temple University Bookstore
Bright Hall
The bookstore sells required texts for Ambler courses, popular reading material, school clothing, toiletries, greeting cards, snacks, hot coffee and tea, cold drinks, and computer software at educational prices. 

Bus Service
Bright Hall 101
A bus shuttle service runs regularly between the Ambler SEPTA station and the Ambler campus during the fall and spring semesters with limited service during the first Summer session. There is also a fall and spring shuttle bus service between Temple campuses for students with courses on more than one campus. Copies of the Schedule and Bus Regulations are available in the Office of Student Life. 

Copy Center
Bright Hall 103
Duplicating facilities are available to students, faculty, and staff at nominal costs. 

ID Cards
West Hall Reception Area
All new students (matriculated and non-matriculated) are required to have a current photo ID card. Confirmation cards for the semester will be mailed to all students upon payment of their bill. 

Student Financial Services
West Hall 101
The large commuter lot is the primary parking space for commuting students. Temple students must purchase a $42.00 hang tag/decal from the Cashier's Office for any vehicle they wish to park on campus lots. Handicapped parking is also available through the Cashier's Office. The permit is good for a full academic year through August 31. There is no daily charge to park. 

Welcome Center
Administration Building and West Hall Lobby
1-888-GO AMBLER or 215-283-1201 
This office provides visitor information, course catalogs, brochures on Temple University programs, and information about non-credit courses and workshops. Students and visitors may arrange campus tours with a Student Ambassador or schedule an information session with an Admissions Counselor. 


Center for Sustainable Communities (CSC)
The Center for Sustainable Communities (CSC) at Temple University Ambler is committed to promoting an effective, holistic approach to land use planning and management, sustainable development, ecological restoration, and community revitalization.  The Center was designed to build on Temple University Ambler’s historical focus and strengths in horticulture, landscape architecture, and environmental studies, while drawing upon the expertise of all Temple University colleges and schools. The CSC serves as a resource for local government and community organizers through educational programs, inter-disciplinary research, and community service projects.

Infant Study Lab
The Temple University Ambler Infant Lab invites parents and their children to shape the future by participating in research at the frontiers of science. The Lab is directed by nationally recognized child development authorities and professors Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and Nora Newcombe. Join dedicated faculty and staff for fun-filled activities with your infants and toddlers and become part of cutting-edge scientific discoveries. Marvel as you learn more about your children’s first words and their ability to create mental maps. Find out how infants and toddlers teach scientists new ways to optimize education and advance learning. 

Landscape Arboretum of Temple University Ambler
The 187-acre Ambler campus is designated an arboretum as a result of its mission to support the study, display, and conservation of campus gardens and living plant collections for the benefit of students and the general public. This natural treasure, home to horticulture since 1910, has been at the forefront of dealing with the environmental issues of each succeeding generation.

The various gardens and woods that compose the Arboretum serve as a place of rejuvenation and repose for visitors and a living laboratory for faculty and students.  The Arboretum includes the Formal Perennial Gardens, established at the early part of the 19th century, the Louise Stine Fisher Garden, the Woodland Garden, the Ground Cover Garden, the Formal Native Garden, the Herb Garden, the Class of 1990 Courtyard, the Sustainable Wetland Gardens, and the Native Plant Propagation Center.  The Arboretum also includes woods and open spaces that provide havens for various species of plants, trees, and animals.

Video Production Studio
Bright Hall Room 108
This broadcast production studio is available to all students, not just Communications majors. The studio includes complete audio and video capability, lighting, and a teleprompter. By using the campus Computer Center's video editing suite, students can also complete post-production work.



Recreation Services
Recreational sports opportunities include intramurals, open recreation, aquatic programs, aerobics, and special events. A wide variety of activities are offered ranging from structured, competitive leagues to self-directed fitness avenues. Facilities include an indoor/outdoor pool, a fitness room with both cardiovascular and free weight equipment, basketball and tennis courts, and a sand volleyball pit. Students may also participate in Main Campus recreational activities. 

Residence Halls
East Hall and one wing of West Hall are two-story traditional residence halls, with double rooms, shared bathroom areas, social lounge areas, study rooms, kitchens with microwaves, fitness equipment, and recreational areas. The halls have 24-hour security and are staffed by professional and paraprofessional staff who create a positive living environment. The complex has its own Residence Hall Senate, which plans social and educational activities for residents. Meals and snacks are served in the dining hall.

Student Life
Bright Hall 101
The office provides information about student activities and distributes the Ambler campus activities calendar, sells tickets for athletic and entertainment events, distributes bus schedules, and provides off-campus housing information and general campus information. The office also provides student leadership development training.

Student Activities Office
Bright Hall Lounge
Students may obtain information about student activities including the campus activities calendar, ticket sales for athletic and entertainment events, bus schedules, G.A.F. stickers, off-campus housing, and general campus information. 

Student Government Association
Bright Hall, 1st Floor
The Ambler Student Government Association (ASGA) enables Ambler students to seek solutions to their concerns pertaining to all aspects of the campus. 

Student Organizations
Bright Hall, 101
There are 28 student organizations on campus, including Alpha Chi Rho fraternity, Ambler Accounting Professional Society, Ambler Business Society, American Marketing Association, Banking and Finance, Beta Alpha Psi accounting honor society, Brothers and Sisters United, Column newspaper, Communications Society, Economics Society, Environmental Awareness Club, Equestrian Team, Gamma Sigma Sigma sorority, HART (Health Awareness Resource Team), Landscape Architecture and Horticulture Student Association, Non-Traditional Students’ Union, The Parable, Pi Alpha Xi Landscape Architecture and Horticulture honor society, Pi Phi sorority, Pre-Law Society, Program Board, Psychology and Criminal Justice Association, Residence Hall Senate, Sigma Chi Delta sorority, Society for Exceptional Educators, Student Ambassadors, Student Government Association, and WRFT-AM Radio 1610. 
For information about student organizations in the Fox School of Business and Management, please refer to that section of the Bulletin. 

Student Media
Bright Hall, 1st Floor 
Radio Station
The Temple Column (newspaper) and WRFT 1610 AM (radio station) are managed and operated entirely by students. These organizations provide communications students with challenging opportunities to become involved in various aspects of mass media production. Many business students find valuable opportunities in the areas of marketing, advertising, and management for the Column and/or WRFT. Students in all majors are welcomed and encouraged to participate. 


Sophia Wisniewska, Dean, Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College 

Philip R. Yannella, Associate Dean for Curriculum and Planning, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Marylou Delizia, Director, Temple University Fort Washington Graduate and Professional Education Center, M.Ed., Temple University 
Kevin Freese, Assistant Dean for Academic Services, B.A., Temple University 
Bonnie Frumer, Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Planning, M.A., Temple University 
Kenneth Kaiser, Director of Finance and Operations, M.B.A., Temple University 
Wanda Lewis-Campbell, Assistant Dean for Student Life, M.S.W., University of Connecticut 
Michele O’Connor, Assistant Dean for Academic and Career Development, M.Phil., University of Glasgow, and M.S., College Misericordia 
Elizabeth Richard, Director of Corporate and Community Relations; Associate Director, Center for Sustainable Communities, M.B.A., University of Houston 
Michael Schlotterbeck, Assistant Director of Marketing, B.A., Elizabethtown College 
Elizabeth Sluzis, Interim Chair, Associate Professor of Horticulture, Ph.D., Rutgers University
Kevin Wood, Director, Non-Credit Programs, B.S., Pennsylvania State University 

Phillip Yannella, Associate Dean for Curriculum and Planning, PhD, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


Charles Allen, Coordinator of Student Activities, M.Ed., Temple University
Michael Bavas, Help Desk/Microcomputer Consultant, M.I.S., Kennedy Western University
Lisa Blum, Department Manager, Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture, M.S., Rutgers University 
Marie Brasch, Administrative Assistant and Meeting Coodinator, Temple University Fort Washington 
Cynthia Castellanos, Admissions Counselor, B.S., Eastern Mennonite University 
Jeanne Chen, Librarian, M.L.S., Appalachian State University 
Linda Cotilla, Suburban Campus Libraries Head, M.S.L.S., Villanova University 
James Duffy, Marketing and Public Relations Associate, B.A., Pennsylvania State University
Yessenia Garcia-Lebron, Assistant Director, Enrollment Management, Ed.M., Temple University 
Ruth Gardner, Office Manager, Academic and Career Development, B.A., Temple University 
Karen Grow, Coordinator of Audiovisual Services, B.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 
Susan Hyer, Manager, Computer Services, M.Ed., Beaver College 
David Kaiser, Assistant Director of Enrollment Management, Fox School of Business and Management, B.A., Temple University 
Patricia Kelly, Schedule Manager, B.A., College of William and Mary 
Irene Lojeski, Supervisor, Academic Services, B.S.Ed., Temple University 
Paul Myers, Recreation Specialist, M.Ed., East Carolina University 
Larry O’Reilly, Assistant Lab Supervisor, Computer Services, Fort Washington, B.B.A., Temple University 
Reid Overturf, Assistant Lab Superviser, Computer Services 
Elisabeth Reap, Assistant Director, Financial Aid, B.A., Temple University 
Maleeka Scott, Data Coordinator 
Sylvia Studenmund, Assistant to the Dean, Ed.M., Temple University 
Greg Szczepanek, Lead Instructional Support Center Consultant, M.A., Temple University
Sandra Thompson, Librarian, M.L.S., Drexel University 
Maryanne West, Evening Services Coordinator 

Program Coordinators/Advisers
(See Ambler College listing of faculty advisers for Landscape Architecture and Horticulture.)

Regina Bannon, Director, Organizational Studies, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania 
John Bowser, Academic Adviser, M.Ed., Temple University and M.S., University of Pennsylvania 
Richard Burke, Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin 
Harriet Butterfield, Fox School of Business and Management, Academic Adviser, B.A., Temple University 
Francis Christoph, Jr., Coordinator of Mathematics, Ph.D., Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 
Judy Ermigiotti, Academic Adviser, M.A., Rider College 

Leonard H. Garrett, Coordinator of Computer and Information Sciences, Ph.D. , University of Pennsylvania
Leonard O. Greenfield, Coordinator of Anthropology, Ph.D., University of Michigan 
Alvin Greenspan, Coordinator of Engineering, Professor Emeritus, M.S.M.E., Drexel University 
John Helferty, Chair, Department of Electrical Engineering, Ph.D., Drexel University 
Donald Heller, Program Director for Interdepartmental Communications and Theater major, B.A., Pennsylvania State University
James Hilty, Coordinator of History, Ph.D., University of Missouri 
Michael Hooper, Coordinator of Political Science, Ph.D., University of Illinois 
Joseph Hrusovsky, College of Engineering, M.S.E.E., Lehigh University 
Barbara Hughes, Director RN-BSN Program, R.N., M.S.N., University of Pennsylvania 
Susan Jansen-Varnum, Associate Dean for the Sciences at Ambler, College of Science and Technology, Ph.D., University of Missouri, St. Louis 
James S. Karra, Coordinator of Physics, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 
Monica Letzring, Coordinator of English, Ph.D., University of Maryland 
Laurence Lyons Murphy, Coordinator of Intellectual Heritage for Ambler and Tyler, Ph.D., Rutgers University

Robert Mason, Director, Environmental Studies, Ph.D., Rutgers University 
Helene A. Matt, Academic Adviser, Ed.M., Temple University 
Susan McCaffrey, Academic and Disability Adviser, M.S., Western Maryland College 
Annette McMenamin Bakley, Director of Student Services and Advising, College of Liberal Arts, M.A., Temple University
Maria Luisa Morsi, College of Allied Health Professions, R.D., M.S., Drexel University 
Noreen Moskalski, CITE Coordinator, Ambler and BCCC Education programs, 
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Sheperd Roberts, Department of Biology, Ph.D., Princeton University 
Helen H. Robinson, Fox School of Business and Management, Director of Academic Services, B.A., Temple University 
Bonita Silverman, Department of Nursing, M.S., Thomas Jefferson University 
Jane Slotterback, Advising Coordinator, School of Communication and Theater, M.Ed., Temple University
Stephen Smith, Coordinator, Criminal Justice, M.Phil., Cambridge University 
John Sorrentino, Department of Economics, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Purdue University 
Laura Taylor, Undergraduate Adviser, Health Studies, M.S., St. Joseph’s University 
Rani Thiramongkol, School of Business and Management, M.B.A. Adviser, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University 
Ken M. White, Coordinator of Admissions and Advising, B.S.W. Program, M.A., United Theological Seminary 
Susan Young, Fox School of Business and Management, Academic Adviser, M.Ed., Lehigh University