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Academic Computer Services
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Whether you want to write a term paper using a personal computer, conduct research by accessing electronic databases, explore the Internet, send electronic mail, or perform complex statistical analysis, Temple University has the resources to meet your computer needs.

More than 30 computer labs are located throughout Temple's campuses. The Student Computing Center, located on the ground floor of Wachman Hall, has Windows-based and Macintosh personal computers. The computers offer word processing, spreadsheet, and database software as well as access to the Internet. The labs are open during day and evening hours.

Students are eligible to obtain an account on one of Temple's large-scale Unix systems. These systems are connected to the Internet. Using the Internet, you can send and receive electronic mail, participate in discussion groups, browse the World Wide Web, and create your own web page. You can access the Internet and your account either on campus or from your home computer via a modem. Temple also has a Compaq 8200 Digital Unix system and a 3090 IBM mainframe for statistical research and programming. Programming languages available on these systems include SAS, SPSS, C, C++, Java, Fortran, and COBOL.

Computer Services also offers a "Help Desk" for technical assistance and provides free seminars on many computer topics. Bits & PCs newsletter is published four times a year to keep you informed about computing at Temple.

Temple's Computer Guidebook, available in campus computer labs and from the Computer Services Department on the 7th floor of Wachman Hall, is a reference book that provides full details about computers at Temple. The Computer Guidebook, along with specific information about using computers at Temple, is available online on the Computer Services web site at http://www.temple.edu/computer_services/.