P155. Principles of Infectious Disease/Immunology (4 s.h.) F.

Introduction to the infectious process, biotechnology, and laboratory techniques followed by extensive discussion of the immune process and immunology as well as immunological products. The processes involved in disease caused by pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites will be discussed in detail.

P157. Anatomy/Physiology (5 s.h.) F.

Anatomical considerations with discussion of physiologic aspects of various organ systems.

P158. Anti-Infective Agents (2 s.h.) S.

Will emphasize the pharmacology of antimicrobial classes and their use in the management of infectious diseases.

P164. Pharmacology I (4 s.h.) S.

An introductory course in basic pharmacology; terminology, principles, pharmacodynamics, toxicology, and therapeutic aspects of clinically important representatives from the major drug classes. The recitation correlates problem sets with the didactic portion of the course.

P265. Pharmacology II (3 s.h.) F.

A continuation of material from the prior semester.