01948/Early Childhood Education


0320. Curriculum Development and Implementation in Early Childhood Program (3 s.h.) F S SS.

This course offers an overview of the principles of effective teaching and management and introduces current classroom practices and curricula in early childhood settings.

Note: An introductory course that serves as a prerequisite to all other early childhood courses. Local centers and schools serve as training site for practicum experiences.

0321. Family/School/Community Environments for Young Children SS.

This course introduces the roles of family, school and community in the educational process of young children. Students are provided with hands-on experiences in teaching young children, interviewing parents and building community involvement projects.

0322. Observing, Documenting, and Assessing Young Children’s Learning

This course presents strategies for observing and recording the development of young children from birth to eight years old. Special emphasis is given to the whys and how's of appropriate assessment and the ways it can serve teachers and children.

0324. Integrated Programming for Young Children SS.

This advanced seminar presents the theory and practice of educating young children in inclusive educational settings. Students study effective practices in positive behavioral support, activities based intervention, and developmentally appropriate practices.

Note: An advanced course and should be taken as the final course in the sequence.