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Temple University Continuing Education (TUCE) provides a broad administrative framework to present and support a wide range of University offerings not falling within the province of typical undergraduate and graduate degree work on Temple campuses. It acts as an umbrella organization promoting all of the continuing education possibilities available at Temple. It assists all of the schools and colleges in making companies and individuals in the region aware of the multiplicity of opportunities for adults at Temple. In addition to credit programs, TUCE develops and offers a wide range of non-credit programs.

Course offerings of TUCE respond to the differing needs of adults seeking additional education. Some offerings are of common interest to all, such as writing and general computer skills. Others, tailored for those adults who wish to change their work situation, focus on new skill and knowledge development. Course work is also designed for adults who wish to maintain their current work position in a profession that requires re-certification to maintain appropriate licenses. Course offerings also are geared to those adults seeking personal enrichment as their primary goal.

The form of TUCE programming includes full degrees, degree completion programs, credit certificates, non-credit professional certificates and non-credit personal enrichment courses. TUCE presents offerings at the following Temple sites: Ambler, Temple University Center City, Harrisburg and a variety of public and private off-campus sites through the auspices of Extension Services.

Main Campus

Post-Baccalaureate Program in Health Professions

William Nathan, Director
Academic Resources Center
215 204-8669

This program is designed to help recent college graduates prepare to enter professional schools in medicine and dentistry. The ideal candidate is a recent college graduate with a strong academic record in a filed other than science. This is not a remedial program or a program for those wishing to raise their academic records. The core program consists of four year-long courses:

General Chemistry 
Organic Chemistry 
General Biology
General Physics
Normal Temple University undergraduate tuition schedules and fees apply. Financial aid loans are available for qualified students. For more information contact the Director.

Main Campus Continuing Education
Jodi H. Levine, Acting Director
Academic Resource Center
Curtis Hall, Rm. 113
13th St. and Montgomery Ave.
(215) 204-2500
FAX: (215) 204-2516
Office Hours (EST)
Mon - Thurs: 8:30 am - 6:30 pm
Fri: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

The Main Campus Office of Continuing Education is the University's central office serving non-matriculated students. Non-matriculated students are those who have not been formally admitted to a degree program. The Office serves a variety of students including adults returning to school for undergraduate or graduate courses; professionals updating their skills; students taking courses to meet admissions requirements into graduate or professional schools; qualified students seeking undergraduate admission; students taking courses for personal enrichment, and visiting students. There is no formal application to enroll as a Continuing Education student, however, first-time enrollers are asked to provide documentation of education completed (high school diploma, GED certificate, college transcripts, college diploma).

Services include:

  • individual academic advising
  • informal evaluation of academic transcripts
  • a general information center with University catalogs, course schedules, admissions applications, and financial aid applications
  • placement testing
  • registration and schedule revisions
  • referrals to other University services and programs

See Policies and Regulations for non-matriculated students for more information.

Temple University Center City (TUCC)

(215) 204-TUCC
Website: http://www.temple.edu/tucc/
Surrounded by the home offices of major national corporations and within walking distance of City Hall, Temple University Center City offers an outstanding selection of undergraduate and graduate courses and full degree programs in the evening, as well as stimulating non-credit workshops and seminars during the day, in the evening, and on weekends.

Credit Programs
Most of Temple University's schools and colleges offer courses at TUCC during the academic year. The following undergraduate degree programs can be wholly completed in the evening at TUCC:

Business Administration

Non-Credit Programs

  • The Business Agenda offers year-round training on a wide range of practical topics geared to all professional levels.  Its curriculum has been carefully designed to meet the ongoing education needs of today's business community in the areas of communications, management and leadership, computer applications, and computer programming.  Call (215) 204-4335 for more information. 
  • Institute for Continuing Studies responds to the needs of the growing number of adults who seek new avenues for personal growth.  Explore new areas of interest and meet others like yourself in an educational environment designed to fit your schedule.  Continuing Studies offers courses in the following areas: Acting, Career Opportunities, Creative Arts, Dance, Financial Planning, Food and Entertainment, Health and Well-Being, Languages, Practical Skills (including GRE, GMAT, and LSAT Preparation), Reading and Writing, and Trips and Tours. Call (215) 204-6946 for more information. 
  • Real Estate Institute is the largest professional consumer education program in the tri-state area offering pre-licensure or basic real estate courses as well as a broad spectrum of elective courses, all taught by state-certified real estate instructors.  The Real Estate Institute's courses are fully accredited by the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission and are intended for those seeking state licensure and/or professional advancement, but not an academic degree.  The courses allow you to qualify for the Pennsylvania Salesperson Licensing examination and, together with a three-year apprenticeship and additional courses, for the Pennsylvania Real Estate Brokers examination.  All students who successfully complete each course of study are awarded Real Estate educational credits and a Temple Real Estate Institute transcript plus certificate. Call (215) 204-1530 for more information. 
  • The Esther Boyer College of Music's Preparatory Division offers people of all ages and abilities -- from the beginner to the experienced musician -- continuing opportunities for musical growth and enrichment. The Division is designed both for pre-school through high school age students who are considering music as a future career or serious avocation and for adults who wish to develop their musical skills and interests. Call (215) 204-1512 for more information. 
  • Temple Association for Retired Professionals (TARP) is a membership organization designed for retirees. Men and women join TARP to pursue their educational interests at the university level without the traditional course structure. Members become both students and leaders/teachers in the special courses, seminars, workshops and other educational programs sponsored by TARP. Study and discussion courses cover such topics as current affairs, literature, languages, art, physical education, music, religion, theater, and science. Members also may sit-in on one University undergraduate course each semester, subject to University policy. Call (215) 204-1505 for more information. 
  • School of Law offers an L.L.M. in Trial Advocacy for graduate attorneys as well as non-credit Continuing Legal Education courses on various topics to keep practicing attorneys informed and to enhance their skills. All classes are taught by leading practitioners. Trial Advocacy courses are offered in the evening; non-credit courses are offered during the day and in the evening. Call (215) 204-8982 for more information. 
  • School of Social Administration offers Continuing Education workshops at TUCC during Temple’s first Summer Session. For more information, call (215) 204-6084.
See TUCC campus for more information.

Temple University Ambler (TUA)/ Temple University Fort Washington (TUFW)

Welcome Center, (215)283-1201
Website: http://www.temple.edu/ambler/

Temple University's Ambler and Fort Washington campuses offer extensive undergraduate, graduate, and non-credit offerings available days, evenings, and weekends. Workshops dealing with returning to school, financial aid, women and careers, and graduate and professional school options are offered each semester.

For more information about the workshops, open houses, or to receive catalogs or general information, please call the Welcome Center at (215) 283-1201 or fill out an on-line form located on the Temple Ambler website - http://www.temple.edu/ambler.

Advisers are available at two nights a week to provide academic advising to students who wish to take courses toward future matriculation (enrolling in a degree program) or for business or personal growth. Call the Office of Academic Advising, (215) 283-1237, for an appointment.

Health Sciences Center (HSC)

The Schools of Medicine (http://www.temple.edu/medschool/), Dentistry (http://www.temple.edu/dentistry/), and Pharmacy (http://www.temple.edu/pharmacy/), and the College of Allied Health Professions (http://www.temple.edu/CAHP/) sponsor continuing education activities for their graduates as well as for graduates of other institutions. Many programs meet the requirements of professional accrediting agencies to take refresher courses or seminars in order to keep abreast of changes in the field.

Health Information Management (215) 707-4811
Nursing (215) 707-4686
Occupational Therapy (215) 707-4813
Communication Sciences (215) 204-7543
Physical Therapy (215) 707-4815
School of Pharmacy (215) 707-4959

Temple University Harrisburg
(717) 232-6400

Kathleen R. Kramer, Ed.D Acting Director
Darlene Spengler, M.A. Academic Advisor
Peggy McCready Student Services Supervisor

Temple University Harrisburg (TUH) is a satellite of Temple University in Philadelphia, offering graduate programs designed for the adult learner. TUH currently offers graduate degree programs in Educational Administration, Educational Psychology, Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising, Liberal Arts, Business Administration and Social Work. Principal, Superintendent and Supervisory Certification programs are also available, as well as a post-graduate, non-credit certificate in Family Therapy and a graduate credit certificate in Business Studies and Gerontology.

For further information, please see the TUH Web site at the following Web address: www.temple.edu/harrisburg

Extension Services
(215) 204-7265
Virginia Carter, Ed.D., Associate Vice President and Acting Director of TUCC
Margaret Dugan, M.S., Manager, Corporate Programs
Changbiao Yue, M.A., Manager, Off-Campus Credit Programs
Doris Clowney, M.Ed., Assistant Manager
Cassandra Bellew, B.S., Assistant Manager

Extension Services brings a Temple University education, both credit and non-credit courses, to organizations at their sites. The Temple At Work program has a long history of providing high quality creative programming, effective customer services, and enriching experiences such as study skills workshops, faculty office hours, and extra lectures by industry experts. Organizations with credit programs have included the Environmental Protection Agency, Children's Hospital, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, IBEW, and local school districts. Non-credit programs have included long-term projects with SmithKline Beecham, the Philadelphia Protestant Home, Prudential Insurance, and the YMCA, and short-term projects with MBNA America, the Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging, and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Organizations interested in Temple at Work should contact Extension Services.