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CLEP Equivalencies
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Policies and Regulations
Temple University CLEP 
Possible Corresponding 
Temple Course
American Government Political Science American Political Science System C051
American History I History U.S. History C067
American History II History U.S. History C068
American Literature English Survey of American Literature W116
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature English Intro. to Literature X084
General Biology Biology General Biology C083 and C084
Calculus with Elementary Functions Mathematics Calculus C075, C076, or C085-86
English Literature English Survey of English Literature 0114 or 0115
General Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry C061-62 or C071-72
General Psychology  Psychology Psychology as a Social Science C050
Introduction to Management Human Res. Admin. Organization and Management 0103
Introductory Accounting Accounting Principles 0001 and 0002 
Introductory Business Law Law (Business) Law of Contractual Obligation 0101
Intro. Macroeconomics Economics Macroeconomic Principles C051
Intro. Microeconomics Economics Microeconomic Principles C052
Introductory Marketing Marketing Intro. to Marketing 0101
Introductory Sociology Sociology Intro. to Sociology C050
Western Civilization I History History, Elective Credit, Lower Level
Western Civilization II History History, Elective Credit, Lower Level