Position Control

The iGreentree Hiring System and the Banner Human Resources System's purpose is to identify, authorize, and track all the positions for the University. The system ensures that only budgeted and funded positions are filled and that hiring decisions are consistent with approved budgets. Some of the important features of this system are that it requires a position control number (PCN) for all positions, does not allow for the hiring process to begin without an appropriate PCN nor does it allow hiring a position at a salary higher than the approved budget.

PCNs are intended to denote positions, not employees. Position control allows

managers to budget for specific positions, track vacancies, and preserve the organizational or department structure. If an employee transfers out of a unit into another unit within the University, the Position Number is not transferred with the employee. The employee obtains a new position number from his/her new department.

--There are two classes of positions that are maintained by this system: non-pooled positions and pooled positions. For more information and instructions on the use of these position classes, click on the "Classes of Postions" link in the right hand box on this page.