Forms and Resources

The Budget Office's Interactive Forms can be found in the right hand box on this page. The following text details the instructions for each form:

Full-time Position Adjustment Form

This form is used to adjust the position budgets and position control numbers (PCNs) for full-time positions.

The left side of the form is intended for all operating budget adjustments 100XXX, 105XXX, and 109XXX. The right side is for all non-operating adjustments.  Offset any operating PCN adjustments with corresponding changes to another PCN on an operating fund or other compensation expense account code (6XXX).

For use with the following:

  • 60XX Full Time Faculty
  • 65XX Full Time Administration

Budget Adjustment Form

This form is used for non-compensation and non-PCN compensation adjustments to the operating fund 100XXX, 105XXX, and 109XXX.

For use with the following:

  • 62XX-63XX Part Time and Other Faculty
  • 66XX Part Time Administration
  • 67XX Student and Other
  • 7XXX Non-Compensation

*Five or less adjustments to non-compensation accounts can be completed through TUportal via self-service.


New Fund Request Form

Use to request new funds of the following types:

Operating - 100XXX (General operating activity)

Workshops & Seminars – 101XXX (Non-credit academic programs)

Academic Auxiliaries – 105XXX (For-credit academic programs outside normal scope)

Service Center – 109XXX (Related to a fee-for-service, typically tied to a Grant)

Grant in Aid – 140XXX (Funding from central government for a specific project)

Faculty Startup – 142XXX (Direct support of the individual's research)

Laura Carnell Professorship – 148XXX

Research Incentive Funds – 150XXX

Return on Recovery – 160XXX (Indirect cost recovery, ICR)

Patents – 17XXXX

Agency – 900XXX

*All grant fund requests handled through Research Accounting Services.


The forms referring to the Capital Project Requests are currently being reviewed and are subject to change.


University Fringe Benefit Rates: these are the rates used to charge fringe benefit costs to budgets. They vary depending upon payroll classifications (for example, full-time and part-time employees, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students).The new rates are effective July 1st. At the end of the year the University compares the estimated costs charged to the budgets to the actual costs of the benefits paid by the University and adjusts the next year's rate accordingly.    Temple University Fringe Benefit Rates