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The Boyer College of Music and Dance fosters a vibrant environment where the next generation can realize their artistic potential.  Recent donations have provided educational opportunity for talented students, regardless of their means, to be inspired and prepared to lead in their fields. 

These students are the future leaders and role models in their local and global communities.  Empowering them to achieve is vital to us all; and rewarding and enjoyable for our supporters.

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David M. Katz Memorial Scholarship recipients recently met with Mrs. Mimsye Katz before the year-end awards ceremony.  They spoke about what the scholarship opportunity means to them personally, and also extended an invitation to their next performance.

Joseph Plowman, bass student in the jazz program, enjoys studying with great faculty and the opportunities for playing on campus and touring . “I am very grateful toward Mrs. Katz," said Plowman. "As a supporter, she has been extremely helpful to so many generations of jazz musicians at Temple.  Her generosity helped me pay for my instrument while still in school.”

David P. Sanders majors in jazz guitar performance, and has cultivated his musical abilities with the help of peers, faculty and other Philadelphia musicians during his time at Temple. “When I met Mrs. Katz, I was amazed by how interested she was in the work of all of us Katz scholarship recipients," said Sanders. " Mrs. Katz understands the gravity of college education, and truly finds joy in helping others achieve their goals.  Her scholarship has allowed me to afford my education, which has a lasting impact.  She inspires us as students to achieve a higher level of academic prowess and musical ability.”

Timothy J. Brey, who graduated in 2012 with a B.M. in Jazz Piano, said this of his Katz Scholarship:“I've been playing piano most of my life, and my growing passion for jazz in high school led me to Temple University.  On a practical level, The Katz Scholarship rounded out my other academic and music scholarships in such a way that I could keep my loans very low, and use the money I was making from gigs during school for other necessary expenses (like rent, food, etc.). On a social level, I had the opportunity to meet past Katz scholars and hear about their experiences post-graduation.  I have learned a great deal about music as well as making a career in the world of jazz from being a part of this group.”

Seth M. Ebersole, one of the youngest and most recent recipients of the Katz Scholarship, said, “Personally, it means a great deal to me that there are those who support jazz music among all the rush and noise of popular music.  As a saxophone student of an older form of music, I know that those on the bandstand agree that it is a real honor to be selected for her award -- thank you to Mrs. Katz for this kindness!” 

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The Arts and Quality of Life Research Center conducts grant and individually funded programs that improve physical and psychological health through music therapy, while quantitatively documenting the results to much acclaim in the medical community.

Recently, The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation awarded $4,000 toward a new program: "Playing Beyond Boundaries: A Model for Facilitating Successful Orchestral Participation for Children with Paralysis." The program will provide a team of occupational therapists, adaptive technology professionals, mechanical engineers, and music therapists to collaborate with students who have physical disabilities in order to facilitate learning how to play an orchestral instrument. These funds from the Reeve Foundation will help purchase the musical instruments for the new program.

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Naming Opportunities
Thanks to the Theodore Presser Foundation for providing the support necessary to install sound-isolating practice rooms in the recently expanded Presser Hall, and the Connelly Foundation for enabling the purchase of new pianos for them!  Students enjoy the increased availability of practice rooms, enabling them to make the best use of their time.

Additional gifts from individuals to name studios and classrooms can provide operating expenses that make a tremendous difference in the opportunities available for students to work independently as musicians, dancers and scholars.

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