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Wind Conducting and Teaching Workshop

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Baton and Score

for wind educators at all levels


The Wind Conducting and Teaching Workshop will be taking a brief hiatus during the Summer of 2018. Please check back for information regarding future workshops when it resumes.


TESTIMONIALS from previous years:

"This workshop exceeded by expectations; I was really suprised how much I actually got out of the entire experience. I learned not only how to improve my conducting, but how to improve my physical interactions with people... my body language is different, I stand different, and I feel that I have greater self-esteem."

"All clinicians were so insightful and inspiring. I received a lot of information and methods that I can apply at home with my students and for my own personal musicianship. I am so thankful for everything you gave this week!"

"After a few days to reflect and after having had the opportunity to watch my video from the end of the week, I now understand the impact the workshop had on my conducting and teaching. I felt like I was watching a different conductor than I usually see. Not just different...better!"

"Thanks for a great week.  Yours was the 6th symposium I'd been to in a year and it was easily the most challenging and thought-provoking."

"Your workshop really impacted my life as a conductor.  I can’t believe how much I felt like I changed and grew, and I can’t wait to apply these techniques to my ensemble at home!"

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