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Arts and Quality of Life Research Center

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The Arts and Quality of Life Research Center promotes research, training, and innovative programs that demonstrate the unique role of the arts in making a difference in people’s lives. To this end, it focuses on exploring uses of various creative arts to enhance human functioning, developmentally, intellectually, psychologically, socially, physically, aesthetically and spiritually.

The Center encourages, supports and facilitates efforts that employ an ever-wider lens through which the power of the arts may be seen to enhance human well-being. Its research findings will effect policy changes on institutional, state and national levels so that funding for the arts may be routinely included in educational, social and healthcare programs. The Center strives to become an international model for arts and quality of life research, education and information.

Consistent with Temple University’s longstanding mission to serve its neighboring communities as well as the City of Philadelphia, Arts at Your Side has been created as the community service initiative of the Center. The purpose of Arts at Your Side is to provide specially designed arts experiences and arts engagements to residents of the Philadelphia region so that their well-being may be improved, especially those whose quality of life has been compromised by physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental and/or economic problems.