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Welcome to the Boyer College of Music and Dance Alumni page. Whether you are already well-connected with our activities, or you are coming back after many years away - welcome! We invite you to browse the alumni pages, learn more about our activities and goals and most importantly - find a way to connect - or reconnect - with the Boyer College of Music and Dance.

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Boyer College of Music and Dance Alumni

Boyer College alumni have a strong presence in the world of music and dance, keeping the arts vibrant as creators, performers, educators, therapists, promoters and supporters.  Boyer alumni perform with major orchestras throughout the world, light up the Broadway stage, conduct research, educate, receive Grammy nominations and awards and create and manage their own successful performance companies.

Boyer Alumni Spotlight: Shea Riley



Shea Riley


What year did you graduate Temple? 



What was your major and concentration?

Music Education, Concentration in Instrumental Music, Clarinet

What are you currently doing?

I am currently the Music Department Chair and Director of Bands at the Wyoming Area Secondary Center in Exeter, PA. I still perform with the Civic Symphony at Wyoming Seminary, as well as the Marywood University Wind Ensemble when time permits. I am also pursuing a Principle's Certificate and Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership through Delaware Valley University.

What life decisions did you make and why to get you to where you are currently?

My biggest lifelong hurdle will be the quest for balancing family life and my career.   Those of us who head High School programs know how time consuming the job can be, especially those in the competitive realm. Add a family into the mix, and you are caught between making sure you meet the needs of not only your own children, but also the students you teach every day. You have to be willing to evolve, and be creative with your situation. Trying to do it all is not healthy.  You have to be at peace with the choices that you do make, and take each day as it comes.

Which faculty member influenced you the most during your time at Temple?

This one is tough because there were so many great professors at Boyer. I would have to say that my private teacher, Anthony Gigliotti was probably the most influential. I learned so much not only about music, but life in general from him. He helped me through some difficult times in my life and I will never forget that.  Dr. Chodoroff for always pushing us to be our best, and Doc Townsend for preparing us for the "real world" in Music Education.  I find myself saying “they told me this would happen” quite often. The guidance of the Temple faculty in general has truly prepared me to learn how to adapt to the world of education. Not many people can say that.

What advice would you give to current students who are in the same program that you were in?

Listen to your professors, their wealth of knowledge and experience is inconceivable. Take advantage of every opportunity that is afforded to you. Whenever things get tough, you need to push yourself harder. Don't ever give up; you are stronger than you think. Believe that you will do great things and it will happen! GO OWLS!!!