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Reflection Response

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Reflection:Response is a performance and speaker series that brings together artists and scholars to explore how we assimilate ideas and events and our resulting actions within the field of dance. We invite you to consider as a starting point how we ‘reflect’ and ‘respond’ through different kinds of embodiment:


The Experiential Body
- How have we reconceived the body through new somatic methodologies?
- In what ways has the digital age altered how we present and disseminate dance?
- How do we learn through occupying or transgressing our mobile and multiple identities?

The Choreographic Body
- To what extent is dance troubled by the external visual gaze and how might we seek to resist this?
- How can choreography challenge traditional time frames and mobilize dance into alternative spatial configurations?
- What are the politics of archiving and re-staging work and what role does intentionality play?

The Activist Body
- How does our practice speak back to the economic landscape, political rhetoric and social values?
- Are we able to take risks with dance that might engender a collective effort to take affirmative action?
- Can dance engineer community revitalization and does it offer opportunity to dismantle normative hierarchies?