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Chair: Dr. Karen Bond

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The Dance Department is committed to artistic and scholarly excellence through fostering a creative, reflective and inclusive learning environment. Through embodied practice, the Dance Faculty and students seek to honor traditions while exploring new ways of knowing dance. In recognition that we experience through the body, the programs encourage students to consider how bodies in motion contribute to knowledge, transform our social world and facilitate community engagement.

The first Dance program at Temple University was founded in 1968. Today, the Dance Department holds national accreditation for all of its degree programs and enjoys an impressive international reputation.

Performance, choreography, scholarship and education are of the highest caliber at Boyer College, and the community is comprised of exceptionally talented and collaborative individuals. In addition to an intensive training in studio practice and a rigorous program of academic study, students have the opportunity to collaborate with professional dance artists, engage in our REFLECTION:RESPONSE Speaker Series and participate in dance outreach work.

Graduates from Boyer’s Dance programs have danced in companies such as Streb, Philadanco, Urban Bush Women, Ballet X, Rennie Harris Puremovement, Dance Theater X, and many others, but also have gone on to become leading choreographers, artistic directors, dance therapists, studio owners, dance administrators, dance writers, researchers, and dance advocates. 

The Dance faculty at Boyer are leaders in the field with extensive professional backgrounds. They have performed with Martha Graham Dance Company, Doris Humphrey Repertory Company, Pearl Lang Dance Company, the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, and others. They are writers and editors for leading dance journals and represent the field through international scholarly organizations. They have received National Endowment for the Arts, Pew Foundation, and Guggenheim fellowships; National Dance Education Organization and “Bessie” awards; and numerous Fulbright scholarships.

The Conwell Dance Theater is a fully equipped 175 seat “black box” theater that produces professional quality concerts featuring work by students, faculty and guest artists. The stage floor is 40’ wide by 30’ deep with black and white reversible marley flooring over a wood floor. There are four wings per side with ample backstage space. Upstage is a white scrim to be used as a cyc or projection surface and a black velour traveler curtain in front of it. The theater boasts an up-to-date lighting system with an ETC Ion console and a house light plot equipped with source-four instruments and LED cyc lights. Video playback is available on a Panasonic projector controlled through Qlab. The audio system utilizes a digital mixer, a Yamaha amplifier and 4 full range two-way speakers with minimal back-line support for live music. Conwell Theater Performance Calendar 2019-20

Philadelphia has a vibrant arts scene that includes dance companies such as Pennsylvania Ballet, Philadanco and Rennie Harris Puremovement, and is home to a rich community of independent artists. Its also hosts the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the annual Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, and the Philly Fringe festival, and is located only 90 minutes from New York City and 2 hours from Washington, DC.

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B.F.A. in Dance

The B.F.A. in Dance at Temple is focused on building well-rounded, versatile artists who are not only technically proficient, but have a broad range and a deep understanding of their work. The goal of the B.F.A. program is to develop dancers who are prepared for success in a variety of careers within the field of dance.

The B.F.A. program in Dance is based in modern dance technique and choreography, but with a broad curriculum that includes course requirements in ballet and African dance, and offers electives in a range of styles. Ballet classes follow the AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE® National Training Curriculum, and electives include pointe, partnering, and variations. Other course requirements include composition, repertory, creative process, improvisation, and dance science, in addition to courses that explore cultural, historical and analytical approaches to the study of dance.

How to apply to the B.F.A. program or request more information.

M.A. in Dance

The M.A. in Dance is a one-year, research-centered degree that allows students to follow and integrate strands in cultural, creative and educational studies. Through coursework blending experiential and theoretical inquiry and an in-depth thesis project, the program prepares students for doctoral education in dance and professional development in research, writing creative process, and pedagogy.

How to apply to the M.A. program or request more information.

M.F.A. in Dance

The Master of Fine Arts in Dance is a three-year, terminal degree program where dance professionals can be mentored by fellow artists and master teachers as they hone their craft and realize a well-articulated artistic vision. The program develops dance artists who are in command of their idiom as a basis for meaningful aesthetic statements. Furthermore, we seek to foster appreciation and comprehension of the body in movement; sensitivity to personal artistic qualities and sources; interdisciplinary perspectives; mastery of craft; and an awareness of the social, cultural and historical implications of dance. In addition to required courses in Research Methods in Dance, Educational Inquiry in Dance and a Graduate Seminar, students undertake a range of studio-based learning (Dancing Self in Community; Embodied Craft; Choreographing Philadelphia; Body Politic; Modal Practice, Structure & Performance), critical thinking courses (Concepts of Culture;Writing the City; Educating Dance), a self-directed choreographic laboratory (Studio Research) and a thesis concert.

How to apply to the M.F.A. program or request more information.


Ph.D. in Dance

The Doctor of Philosophy in Dance provides a rich environment for graduate research in dance through a diverse array of courses, a public seminar series, a biennial symposium and a rigorous advising process with experienced faculty.  The Ph.D. program educates leaders in dance/arts organizations, teachers in higher education and community settings, critical thinkers, productive scholars for the future, and self-reflective artists. Doctoral students acquire skills to envision new paradigms for the arts and education, to create new knowledge through research, and to forge new integrations between disciplines. The doctoral faculty has research specialisms in historiography, philosophy, phenomenology, cultural studies, aesthetics and criticism, and critical theory, and we welcome students with a variety of dance interests. In addition to a broad range of electives and required courses in Research Methods in Dance, Educational Inquiry in Dance and a Graduate Research and Writing Seminar, students can pursue courses in areas of dance faculty expertise:Dancing the Popular; Moving Across Genres; Bodies, Texts, History; and Experience, Engagement and Multi-Sensory Inquiry.

How to apply to the Ph.D. program or request more information.

Institute of Dance Scholarship

The Institute of Dance Scholarship aims to foster and enrich dance research for the students and faculty of Temple University through engagement with scholars, artists and dance professionals working in the field. Through a range of public events, guest seminars and collaborative research projects, it engenders a critical network for dance studies. The Institute presents:

Dance Studies Colloquium
Reflection:Response Choreographic Commission
Scholar-in-Residence Program