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Center for the Arts: Administration and Staff

The Center for the Arts consists of the Boyer College of Music and Dance, Division of Theater, Film and Media Arts and Tyler School of Art.

Dr. Robert T. Stroker Dean, Vice Provost for the Arts 8301
Dr. Beth Bolton Vice. Dean, Faculty and Academic Affairs 8474
Steven Kreinberg Assoc. Dean, Instructional Technology & Assessment 8098
David Brown Asst. Dean, Administrative Affairs 8392
Susan Alcedo Director, Finance and Administration 5191
Jason Horst Director, Operations 8391
Florence Brown Palmore Exec. Assistant to the Dean/Sr. Coordinator 8097

Boyer College of Music and Dance: Administration and Staff (alpha order)
Telephone numbers: Dial 215-204-followed by 4 digits. If calling from within Temple, dial 1-follwed by 4 digits

Millie Bai Manager, Alice Tully Library 5531
Jennifer Bolcar Admin. Asst. (Presser Hall) 5527
Taish Bruton Admin. Asst. Music Education/Music Therapy 8310
Anne Canan Office Manager (Presser Hall) 8303
Leslie Cochran Dept. Coord., Choral Activities & Jazz Studies 8304
Stewart Cole Piano Tuner/Technician 1624
Lesley Copans Academic Advisor 8372
Barbara Di Toro Assoc. Director, Temple Music Prep 2087
Melissa Douglas Community Music Scholars Prog., Music Prep. 8326
Bart Dunn Instrumental Coordinator 8306
Linda Fiore Director, Marketing  & Communications 8307
Dr. Edward Flanagan Assoc. Dean, Student Affairs 8301
Mary Garcia Dance Admissions and Recruitment 0533
Shuang Xi Gong Piano Tuner/Technician 1624
Anne Harlow Paley Library, College Subject Specialist 1399
Anne Neikirk Manager, Listening Library 8338
Jennifer Hoffmaster Asst. Director, Marketing & Communications 8117
Mark Huxsoll Exec. Director, Music Prep. 4342
Margo Jackson Assoc. Director, Undergraduate Advising 2229
Sandra James System Support Specialist & Webmaster 2538
Jamie Johnson Producer, Temple Opera Theater 6814
Nanette Joyce Director, Conwell Dance Theater 6177
Joann Kirchner Coordinator, Keyboard Dept./Secondary Piano 7388
Girard Kratz Registrar, Music Prep. 1180
Kristi Morgridge Assoc. Director, Recruitment & Financial Aid 6810
Matthew Schillizzi Department Program Specialist 7609
Eric Schweingruber Director, Instrumental Operations 9792
Gloria Scott Dance Administrative Coordinator 6279
James Short Director, Undergraduate & Graduate Admissions 8598
Institutional Advancement: Center for the Arts      
Scott Reynolds Exec. Director of Development: Arts 215-926-2586
Tara Webb Duey Director of Development: Arts 215-926-2567
Amy Krauss Assoc. Director of Development: Arts 215-926-2327
Molly Clark Davis

Alumni Relations Officer: Arts & SMC 215-926-2226
Christy Mauro Assoc. Director, Alumni Reltaions: Arts & SMC 215-926-2590
Fax: Rock Hall main office: 215-204-5528     
Fax: Presser Hall main office: 215-204-4957