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    • B.F.A.: University if the Arts
      200 Hour Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga Certification

      Christina Gesualdi is a Philadelphia-based choreographer, dance artist, and teacher. She is an Artist in Residence at Mascher Space Co-op where she makes experiential work that researches a certain softness and imaginative off-ness in the body. She has performed with Nicole Bindler, Meg Foley, Annie Wilson & Julius Masri, Melisa Putz, and Zornitsa Stoyanova - [Here]begin Dance. Her work has premiered in Philadelphia, New York, Washington D.C., and Taipei. Gesualdi has been teaching yoga for five years. She teaches a gentle and embodied class that uses imagery and curiosity to navigate the practice. She has gained teaching experience from Rittenhouse Square Fitness Club and 12th Street Gym where she works with beginner and senior citizen populations. She synthesizes and incorporates her training in release work, Tai Chi, and Pilates into her yoga classes.