It is the ambition of this group to understand chemical reactions, one molecule at a time, with spatial and temporal resolution sufficient to resolve the making and breaking of individual bonds. We look forward to the day when we will be able to visualize how energy, localized in one part of a single molecule, redistributes itself to other parts of the molecule and to its surroundings. We have a dream that we will build supra-molecular structures by simply mixing the precursors together and allowing them to self-assemble in a predetermined manner. The realization of these dreams requires that we understand interfacial and nanoscale phenomena at a fundamental level. This journey will change the way that we think about chemistry.

The objective of this research program is to advance our understanding of interfacial science and to develop technical abilities so that we can address the challenges posed by these dreams.


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Recent News:

-Congratulations to Dr. Zhihai Li, former Borguet Group member, who joined the Department of Chemistry faculty at Ball State University.

- Check out Colin Murphy's Honorable Mention for his poster at the Undergraduate Research Symposium!

- Welcome to Esteban Sanchez our new visiting student.

-4 new undergraduate researchers Colin Murphy, James Choi, Safiya Sylla, and Chey Jones have joined the group.





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