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My hometown, Nantong, is beautiful city located on the north bank of the Changjiang River estuary on the Pacific coast, about 100 miles away from Shanghai. Everybody there is good at swimming, except me. When I was 18 years old, I left home to Shanghai for undergraduate study and lived in Shanghai for the next 7 years. I graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University in June 1999 with a BS degree. I did a not bad job in college, but my biggest achievement was to find out who would be my future wife. I worked three years making printed circuit boards (PCB).

I joined the Borguet group in May 2004. My research was focused on nanoscale dynamics at solid-liquid interfaces.  My project was to study the movement of molecules on gold surface in solution by STM. Ultimately I wanted to learn what factors determine how single molecules move on surfaces.

Dr. Xing recieved Daniel Swern Fellowship in Summer 2006, and the Temple College of Science and Technology Graduate Research Award in 2009.

Yangjun Xing was awarded second place at 2009 Student Research Poster Symposium for Best Posters. Yangjun's poster was titled "Single Molecule Conductivity Measurement of Peptide Nucleic Acids."

Dr. Xing Prize for his poster at the Philadelphia ACS conference entitled "Two Dimensional Charge Diffusion in a Self-Assembled Monolayer of Redox Active Porphyrins" in January 2007.

In November 2009 at the CST Awards Dinner, Dr. Yangjun Xing received a Temple College of Science and Technology Graduate Research Award.

Yangjun Xing, defended his Ph.D. dissertation and graduated in August 2009.

Right out of school Dr. Xing took a position at Ethicon (a Johnson & Johnson company). He worked in the analytical characterization team to support the development of new products for surgical care. He currently holds a position at Starkey Laboratories as Advanced Packaging R&D Engineer in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Dr. Xing has eight papers published papers, three as first author. One paper submitted and one in preparation.

Yangjun's CV