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Dr. Lindsay Bombalski

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Victor Browne Jr.

Dr. Andrii Buvailo

Dr. R. Kramer Campen

Aurelie Chenel

Jennifer Clift

Dr. Florent Dauchy

Dr. Nikolay Dementev

Gordon (Cheuk Fai) Chiu

Russ Dudek

Megan Duncan

Linh Doung

Habibe Durmaz

Dr. Ali Eftekhari-Bafrooei

Malika El Krymy

Dr. Catherine Faler

Dr. Wayne Feng

Dr. Xue Feng

Dr. Julie Fiore

Dr. Vasiliy Fomenko

Roozbeh Ghavami

Prof. Robert Giuliano

Philip Greway

Nicole Haloupek

Sedigheh Hassani

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Dr. Cedric Hurth

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Olivier Katz

Dr. Dmitry Kazachkin

Kristi Kehoe

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Dr. Youn-Geun Kim

Dr. Seokjoon Kwon

Dr. Jean-Frédéric Lami

Dr. Guillaume Lamour

Ian Won Law

Hai Thai Le

Dr. Fei Li

Min Liang

Vivian Liu

Aseem Malhotra

Dr. Eric McArthur

Dr. Arthur McClelland

Kessler McCoy-Simandle

Fuyuo Nagayama

Tiffany Newsome

Dr. An Ngo

Lan Nguyen

Vu Nguyen

Dr. Satoshi Nihonyanagi

Chigoziem Oguh

Jennifer O'Patchen

Gwenn Pallier

Dr. Dora Peelen (Bodlaki)

Vivek Prakash

Allison Pymer

Jasmine Ratchford (Ma)

Daniel Ritterbeck

Asghar Razavi

Navin Rao

Dr. Kyoungja Seo

Aleksey (Alex) Shubin

Ashley Truxal

Uduak Udoeyo

Dr. Taro Uematsu

Heather Vanselous

Dr. Andy Vidan

Kishwer Vikaas

Prof. Jianguo Wang

Shanshan Wu

Dr. Yangjun Xing

Dr. Tao Ye

Dr. Qunhui Yuan

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Dr. Lindsay Bombalski

Lindsay is a graduate from Carnegie Mellon University with her PhD in Chemistry. She will work as a post doctorate fellow at the NETL where her position is work in pollutant capture and alternative energies.

Dr. Florent Dauchy

Florent Dauchy received his Ph.D. from Cranfield University (UK) in nano and micro technologies under the supervision of Prof. Roger Whatmore and Dr. Rob Dorey.

Florent has been employed by AFM Ltd. a start up spinning out of the Institute of Cancer Research (London)/ Birmingham University/ Dundee Hospital. He was a Research fellow for this project. His role is to find the material properties of submicrons PZT, and to fit and use these properties for biotechnologies. One of his most recent focuses is high frequency ultrasound for cancer cells imaging and biosensors.

Florent is now involved in a full time MBA at Imperial College. Because of its location, this MBA is highly focused on technologies. He took on a major in Venture Capitalist Finance and Private Equity. He plans on finishing in September 2011. During his MBA, Florent has set up, with 3 partners, an ultra-portable medical devices start up "Scottson Ltd." The partners involved are Prof. Sandy Cochran (Dundee Uni. UK), Mark Walsh (CEO, PCT Ltd.), Jonathan Marsh (Envision Design). They are now in the process of seeking investment.

Megan Duncan (megdunc[at]
Megan served as the administrative assistant to the Borguet Group and graduated with a degree in Biochemistry in 2008.

Dr. Catherine Faler (catherine.a.faler[at]
Catherine Faler did undergraduate research in the Borguet group from 1999 to 2001. She is a co-author on Second Harmonic Generation from Chemically Modified Ge(111) Interfaces. She recently defended her dissertation, "Synthesis and Applications of Cyclopropylamines and Cyclopropanols from a Ti-Mediated Cyclopropanation" She has accepted a research position with ExxonMobil, in their chemical catalysis group in Houston.

Dr. Julie Fiore

Julie was in the Chemical Physics Ph.D program at JILA/University of Colorado. She was also a fellow of the Optical Science and Engineering Program and completing a graduate certificate in Molecular Biophysics. Julie was advised by Dr. David J. Nesbitt for her thesis work in the area of Single-Molecule Biophysics.

Julie graduated is pursuing her M.D. at Medical College of Wisconsin. According to Julie it is too soon to say what will happen next, but she hopes to get a job in academic medicine with a career combining patient care and research.

Dr. Vasiliy Fomenko (vfomenko[at]
Dr. Vasiliy Fomenko, a Borguet Group PhD graduate, accepted a position as Senior Scientist at Landauer, a leader in radiation monitoring. Landauer launched a new research initiative to develop technology for volumetric optical data storage. Dr. Fomenko will use his skills in optics and materials in development of new products.

Dr. Cedric Hurth (churth[at]
Cedric Hurth spent 2002-2006 in a PhD program at the University of Texas, Austin and in Bordeaux, France. During his time in Austin, Cedric did experimental work on scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM) and scanning electrochemical potential microscopy (SECPM) in Allen Bard's electrochemistry laboratory. During his time in Bordeaux, Cedric worked on Atomic Force Microscopy in liquid environments with applications to the study of enzymes (Jean Pierre Aime lab at the CPMOH). Cedric has returned to Dr. Allen Bard's lab at the University of Texas to pursue a short post-doctoral program until the summer of 2006. He is now the postdoctoral research associate for the center of applied nanobioscience at the biodesign institute at Arizona State University.

Dr. Seokjoon Kwon (kongdolee[at]
Dr. Kwon is currently a research associate in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC).

Hai Thai Le (haitle85[at]
Hai graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Hartwick College. Upon completing his undergraduate career, Hai wanted to enroll in a graduate program in Chemistry; however, he has not thought of a concentration nor has he decided on any graduate school location.

Dr. Eric McArthur (emcarthur75[at]
Dr. Eric A. McArthur, formerly an undergraduate researcher in the Borguet laboratory from 2000-2003, successfully defended his dissertation on July 22, 2008. Eric's dissertation work "Time-Resolved Second Harmonic Generation Studies at Aqueous Liquid Interfaces" investigated molecular photophysics and photochemstry in theses unique environments. The research was carried out under the guidance of Professor Ken Eisenthal at Columbia University in New York City.

As an undergraduate in the Borguet group, Eric helped to develop Fluorescence Labeling of Surface Species (FLOSS) and co-author two papers using the technique. Eric found his time in the Borguet group to be an impelling experience that has positively impacted his academic endeavors. The experience inspired him to pursue graduate research in the area of spectroscopy and surface science.

He began work as a postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern University in the Weiss lab. At Northwestern Eric will be studying the physical chemistry of semiconductor quantum dots, quantum dot-organic complexes, and other nanostructures. His research will have impacts on Energy and Environmental industries.

Weiss Lab -
Eisenthal Lab -

Dr. Arthur McClelland (artmcclelland[at]
Arthur McClelland received his PhD in Applied Physics from the University of Michigan in 2009 from Dr. Zhan Chen's group. He is currently a Postdoc in Dr. Paul Champion's group at Northeastern University. He is studying the green fluorescent protein excited state proton transfer mechanism and barriers with various types of spectroscopy including Raman, vibrational coherence spectroscopy, and two color pump probe. It is a very interesting system and he is enjoying his work immensely.

Kessler McCoy-Simandle (kesslerjms[at] )
Kessler McCoy Simandle currently attends Northwestern University School of Medicine in the integrated graduate program. Kessler is pursuing a degree in Microbiology and Immunology.

Tiffany Newsome (Twin2trn[at]
Tiffany Newsome graduated from Bennett College for Women with her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. She then attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where she did research. She graduated in 2007 and intended to work in the industry after graduation.

Dr. Satoshi Nihonyanagi (nsatoshi[at]
Dr. Satoshi received his B.S. and Ph.D. from Hokkaido University in Japan. He will continue his research at the RIKEN Institute (Molecular spectroscopy lab) in Japan where he will focus on fourth order nonlinear optical experiment of interfaces.

Dr. An Thien Ngo

As of January 4th Dr. Ngo will be in Ottawa, Ontario as a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Linda Johnston at the National Research Council / University of Ottawa. Her research will focus on how drugs such as alcohol modify the fluidity, structure, and organization of the cell membrane, to understand why these modifications affect the signaling behavior of certain ion channel proteins. Ion channel dysfunction in damaged membranes plays a pivotal role in pathologies associated with traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Accounting for membrane fluidity will help to treat these pathologies by improving the targeting of dysfunctional ion channels.

She has also launched a miniconference for the discussion of science and policy issues affecting Quebec. Its inaugural edition took place on October 7, 2010. The project is now in the hands of the new organizing team and the Post-Graduate Students' Society of McGill.

An successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation on December 8th, 2010. Her work with Prof. Gonzalo Cosa at McGill created luminescent nanostructures involving the anionic light-emitting poly(phenylene vinylene) MPS-PPV in complex with lipid vesicles or silica beads, towards applications in biological sensing.

Jennifer O'Patchen (jopatch2[at]
Jennifer O'Patchen attended Colorado State University pursuing her PhD. She is currently doing research for the Levinger group observing solvation dynamics using fluorescence up-conversion experiments.
Jasmine Ratchford (Ma) (jyuko[at]
Jasmine is trying to finish up her Ph.D. thesis on neutrino oscillations (and is currently on her 4th year at UT Austin). Donna Naples at the U. Pittsburgh works on the same
experiment. It should be an interesting time in particle physics, what with the LHC turning on. She got married in August 2009 to another physics graduate student there. He works with quatum dots/lasers/AFM, so it's nice to be able to understand one of those things relatively well.

Dr. Taro Uematsu (t-uematsu[at]
Taro is working as the Asst. Professor in Prof. Kuwabata's group in Japan. This gives him a chance to continue and brush up on his work with semiconducting materials. Also, he is working on ionic liquids from the aspect of electrochemistry, with help from Dr. Tsuda who had been working with Dr. Hussey at University of Mississippi.

Dr. Andy Vidan (vidan[at]
Dr. Andy Vidan is currently a member of the Technical Staff in the Lincoln Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Andy did undergraduate research with the Borguet Group.

Dr. Tao Ye ([at]
Dr. Tao Ye took a faculty position as an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Merced.

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